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Our Papakura Radio Club inc. building

Papakura Radio Club inc.

& NZART Branch 65, Papakura.

1 Great South Road, Papakura.


Papakura Sprint

The Papakura Sprint is another 1 hour contest. One weekend on Phone and the next on CW. These contests will be on the first Saturday in November for Phone and the second weekend in November for CW. This, like the other sprints we run are open to all ZL, VK and Pacific Island stations.


2010 Rules .... 2010 RULES are here

2010 Logs received .... 2010 LOGS received are here

2010 Results .... 2010 RESULTS are here

If you would like these rules sent to you by e-mail .... send an e-mail to with 'Papakura Sprints' in the subject line.

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   Papakura Radio Club inc.
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