PACE MSS100 Analogue Satellite Receiver

Picture of the Pace MSS100 Satellite Receiver

New Notes: As of 12-07-2000, all Pace receivers are spoken for, however I will try and see if I can get some more.....

Have had it confirmed that all receivers are gone - the remainer (some 50,000 odd units! ) was sold to an Australian firm for an unknown purpose. (Probably for the purpose for which they were manufactured - receiving analogue satellites...)

There are about 3 Uniden SQ500e receivers still available - these also have 250 channels, fixed bandwidth (27 Mhz, I think), and whilst the sound intercarrier frequency is adjustable, the differance between the left and Right audio channels is fixed at 180 kHz. They do, however, have an 'IF' frequency display on the front, and (I think so anyway), a slightly better picture output - bandwidth seems flatter.

The Auckland ATV group has some Pace MSS100 Satellite receivers for sale, suitable for use as FM ATV receivers, with the aid of a preamp or LNB depending on the band in use.
For 23cm use, a low noise GAsFET preamplifier should be used. Due to bandwidth limitations in the 23 cm Ham band, 1/2 satellite bandwidth (approx 15 MHz) is normally used, which requires the use of a x2 video amplifier to boost the composite video signal from 0.5 volt pk-pk back to 1 volt pk-pk.

The receiver has 250 channel presets, which many parameters about each channel can be stored, such as -:

Channel Name, 10 Alphnumeric Chracters long,
Channel Frequency in GHz, Polarisation, 22kHz Tone, Selectable 1 of 2 IF inputs, LNB Power
Video IF Bandwidth 15 / 27 MHz, De-Emphasis PAL or Flat response
Audio type, Mono or Stereo, Independantly settable audio subcarriers in 10kHz steps from 5.00 MHz to 9.00 MHz
Selectable Audio bandwidth and de-Emphasis
Multifunction remote, including system settings
Selectable UHF channel modulator, channel adjustable via remote
Clock and timer selections.

The receivers are complete with power lead, remote control (no batteries thou) and instruction manual.
The asking price was $NZ25, 1/2 of which was donated to the ATV 'Jam Jar' fund, under the care of Mike ZL1ABS.
Any additional donations to the ATV 'Jam Jar' fund would be gratefully accepted, as there are always projects in the pipeline for which components and other materials need to be purchased.
There were a limited number of these units available, as the source disposed of the remainder at the end of July 2000 - sold to an Australian firm, I believe.


TUNER Receiving frequency 700 to 2150 MHz
Input connector Two female F type connectors
Impedance 75 ohm
Level -65dBm per channel
Polarity switching Vert. 12.0V to 14.0V,
Horiz. 17.0V to 20.0V,
0 to 400mA with short circuit protection.
IF frequency 479.5 MHz
IF bandwidth Switchable between 15 and 27 MHz
Threshold 4dB typical software adjustable

VARIABLE AUDIO Stereo V Two channels fully independantly tuneable by 10kHz steps from 5.00 MHz to 9.00 MHz
Mono V Fully tuneable by 10kHz steps from 5.00 MHz to 9.00 MHz
Audio bandwidth 130, 180, 200, 280, 380, 500 or 600 kHz
Audio De-emphasis PANDA 1, J17, 50us or 75us

PRESET AUDIO Choice of 4 Stereo or 9 Mono preset frequencies per channel.
Stereo A 5.58 & 5.76 MHz - 75us, PANDA 1, BW 130kHz
Stereo B 6.30 & 6.48 MHz - 75us, PANDA 1, BW 130kHz
Stereo C 7.56 & 7.75 MHz - 75us, PANDA 1, BW 130kHz
Stereo D 8.10 & 8.28 MHz - 75us, PANDA 1, BW 130kHz
Mono 1 5.50 MHz - 50us / 75us / J17 BW 200kHz
Mono 2 5.80 MHz
Mono 3 5.94 MHz
Mono 4 6.20 MHz
Mono 5 6.30 MHz
Mono 6 6.60 MHz
Mono 7 6.80 MHz
Mono 8 7.00 MHz
Mono 9 7.50 MHz

Decoder Scart Decoder video input,
Decoder video output
Left and Right Decoder stereo audio input.
Video level 1V peak to peak (+/- 2dB) into 75ohms
Video baseband bandwidth 30Hz to 10.5MHz (+/- 3dB)
Video baseband de-emphasis Software selectable PAL / MAC (Flat and Clamped)
Audio level 500mV rms into 10k ohm
Audio frequency response 30Hz to 12kHz
Total Harmonic Distortion 0.3% max.
TV & VCR Scart Video level 1V peak to peak (+/- 2dB) into 75ohms
Video bandwidth 50Hz to 4.8MHz (+/- 3dB)
Audio level 500mV rms into 10k ohm
Audio frequency response 30Hz to 12kHz
Total Harmonic Distortion 0.3% max.
Phono Sockets (2) Left and Right TV stereo audio

Magnetic Polarotor Step size 3mA
Range +/- 100mA, 0 ohms to 100 ohms
Short circuit Current Program current
Short to Ground Current 140mA
Mechanical Polarotor Step size 32us
Range 0.5 to 2.5ms
Short circuit Current 0.5A
Switched +5V output

UHF MODULATOR CCIR System G, Belling Lee connectors,
Adjustable via Remote Control from Channel 21 to 69

LNB SWITCHING Tone Switching @ 22KHz

MAINS INPUT RANGE 80 to 265V ac, 50/60Hz

POWER Consumption 22W max (8W Standby)

DIMENSIONS Height=75mm,

WEIGHT Packed 2.25Kg approx.

OPERATING Conditions +5 to +40 Celsius
STORAGE Conditions -20 to +70 Celsius