Bob Sutton - E6RS

Namukulu Village, Niue Island


Niue Island - 08 Sept to 21 Sept 2012

First week and 2M EME cancelled due to ill health.

We went to Niue from 15-21 Sept 2012 and operated a little on 6m only. Spent some time visiting people and places I knew when I worked there from 1982-1984. We may make another trip to Niue for 2m EME ... still to be decided.

(The old 2m EME related information is still below for reference only)

in grid AH51BA will always TX First on or around 144.140 using WSJT's JT65B mode.

No skeds (so don't ask) ... and please s-p-r-e-a-d o-u-t !! I'm watching +-1000Hz on SpecJT.

Don't be offended if I skip "73" and move on to the next station to save time.Also, don't be offended if Europeans
have preference during MR and MS for the first week due to the short common window between Niue and Europe.

I will be listening for CW callers and may answer using WSJT's CW mode (144.140 + 600Hz USB audio tone).
CW will be with exact 1 minute sequences syncronised to UTC ... E6RS transmitting on the even minutes only.
(Note that this is a different Grid to the one I operated in via 2m EME as ZK2RS during 1983/84).

Equipment - IC706mk2g, HB GaAsFET preamp, HB 8877 PA, HB 4 x 7 element 2m Yagi array with full elevation.

To set the new E6 DXCC prefix in WSJT ... go to the Setup menu - Options - and add E6 as shown here:

Potential EME operating times (UTC):
Note 1: Moonrise will be obstructed by rising ground to the east. This will delay these Moonrise times by about 20 minutes.
Note 2: The QTH is 25m above the ocean so expect some sharp Ground Gain lobes and signals after the predicted Moonset.

08.09 Arrival on Niue 01:30 UTC
08.09 MR 11:40 Saturday, apogee
08.09 MS 22:50 Saturday
09.09 MR 12:29 Sunday, northern-most declination
09.09 MS 23:43 Sunday
10.09 MR 13:16
11.09 MS 00:35
11.09 MR 14:02
12.09 MS 01:28
12.09 MR 14:46 Period of low degradation starts
13.09 MS 02:23
13.09 MR 15:28 Lowest degradation
14.09 MS 03:18
14.09 MR 16:10
15.09 MS 04:15 Saturday
15.09 MR 16:52 Saturday, New Moon
16.09 MS 05:12 Sunday, New Moon
16.09 MR 17:36 Sunday, New Moon
17.09 MS 06:12
17.09 MR 18:21
18.09 MS 07:12 Period of low degradation ends
18.09 MR 19:09
19.09 MS 08:15 Perigee
19.09 MR 20:01
20.09 MS 09:17
20.09 MR 20:56
21.09 MS 10:19 QRT
22.09 Departure from Niue at 02:30 UTC

Lance W7GJ will also be on 6m EME. See his "6m EME DXpedition to Niue" web page for info.

73, Bob ZL1RS / E6RS

Great Circle Map from Niue Island - centered on AH51

Niue Island Map


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