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W6PQL 144 MHz Power Amplifier


W6PQL Solid State 800W+ 2m Power Amplifier

Built from W6PQL's 2 Meter Kilowatt RF Deck Kit (scroll down to "Basic kit without copper spreader or LDMOS, $150.00"). I obtained a copper spreader block from another ZL Ham, and bought the RF device from one of the well recognised electronics parts suppliers. This amplifier was used for 2m EME from American Samoa as KH8/ZL1RS on 2m EME in July 2014.

With 40V on the LDMOS FET drains and about 2W of drive it produced 800W of RF output. During the build it was tested with 48V and it produced well over 1kW RF output, but I prefer to run it at 40V/800W to provide a 'safety margin' ... those LDMOS FETs are expensive!

Home made 800W SS PA - W6PQL LDMOS kitset PA and home brew GaAsFET preamp

Complete system on test - Cosel 1500W PSU, 800W SS PA/preamp, FT-817ND, computer interface and laptop

HB 800W SS PA/preamp in use at KH8/ZL1RS ... the power output and antenna SWR look OK!

W6PQL LDMOS kitset PA and HB GaAsFET preamp + Cosel 1500W PSU

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