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G0KSC 7 element OWA 6m Yagi


G0KSC 7 element OWA 6m Yagi



A G0KSC designed 7 element 'OWA' 6m Yagi on a 7.1m boom. This antenna was built to verify the wide SWR bandwidth and check the effect of 5 or 6dB less f/b as compared to the very high f/b own-design Yagis previously used here.


Here is the 4NEC2 computer simulation of the Yagi:



The actual SWR curve of the Yagi as measured with a SARK-110 analyser:



The reality was almost the same as the simulated SWR curve shown above (just 50 kHz difference). The observed radiation pattern was also very close to the "Horizontal plane" pattern shown above. The 'real world' f/b ratio was about 22dB, and there was noticably less rejection of local noise sources. Despite the OWA antenna being a very good one, I will revert to high f/b antenna designs in the future.


This 6m antenna was used here from Dec 2014 until late 2015 and is the same design that I built for Victor E51CG in 2012, as shown here mounted above his KT34 tribander:





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