Bob Sutton - ZL1RS

Antenna Projects


Select an item of interest from the list of antenna build projects below:


Aiga ART-8000 rotator information

The revised tower project

The 'big' tower project

Beverage RX antennas for HF

ZL1RS 36-56 MHz 10 ele LPY

ZL1RS Log-cell fed FM band Yagi

ZL1RS 3 element 6m Yagi

ZL1RS 3-stack array of 5 element 6m Yagis

ZL1RS 6 element 6m Yagi

ZL1RS 7 element 6m Yagi

ZL1RS 9-over-9 stacked Yagi array for 2m

ZL1RS stacked Yagi array for 2m WSPR

ZL1RS another stacked Yagi array for 2m WSPR

DG7YBN 8 element Yagi for 6m

DG7YBN 9 element Yagi for 6m (the 144 MHz GTV2-9m scaled to 6m)

G0KSC 6 element 6m LFA - stacked array

G0KSC 6 element 6m LFA - the airmail version

G0KSC 7 element OWA 6m Yagi

YU7EF 6 ele 6m Yagi

YU7EF 7 ele 6m Yagi

YU7EF 6 element 2m Yagi

YU7EF 13 element 2m Yagi

Various 2m EME portable arrays


The header photo shows the home QTH with stacked arrays for 6m and 2m.



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