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Aiga ART-8000 information


Information about the Aiga ART-8000 Rotator

The Aiga ART-8000 is a large antenna rotator that was made in Japan during the 1970's. We believe that this rotator was also marketed in the USA as the "Wilson WR 1000 Rotor" (see the Ham Radio magazine advertisement in the zipped folder mentioned below).

It has been described as "the King Kong of rotators" and "better than a prop pitch rotor". While those claims are somewhat subjective, the ART-8000 is certainly a brute of a rotator capable of holding and turning large antennas and antenna arrays.

Specifications: metric (imperial)
Height (including mast clamp) = 48.3cm (19")
Diameter = 28cm (11")
Weight = 27kg (60 lbs)
Accepts mast diameters between 5cm and 8cm (2" to 3")
Wind load rating = 2.32 square meters (25 sq feet)
Turning torque = 450 N m (4,000 inch-lbs)
Braking torque before override = 1350 N m (12,000 inch-lbs)

These specifications are in the same class as the Orion 2800, SPID-RAK and Yaesu G-2800DXA rotators, and about 50% higher than the Hy-Gain T2X Tailtwister.

Information about the ART-8000 is scarce, but here is a folder of Aiga ART-8000 files (aiga_art8000.zip ~761kB) collected so far from various sources (particular thanks to ON7EH). If you have more information (e.g. a scan of the manual) please contact me so it can be included here.

Note 1: the diagram "aiga_art-8000_diagram_re-drawn.jpg" in the folder is not exactly the ART-8000 controller, but was used to build a new controller to replace a lost one.

Note 2: these rotators are from the 1970's era and the lubrication grease is likely to have dried out and changed into 'a sticky mess'. This happened to mine in the 1990's and caused the wedge brake mechanism to seize and jam. However, it was an easy task to dismantle the rotator, repair the damage (a bent pin holding the wedge brake), clean out the old grease and re-lubricate it. My ART-8000 is now over 40 years old and still 'purring like a kitten'.

Update May 2022: sadly the pin holding the wedge brake worked loose and jammed the mechanism. Before I realised what had happened the teeth on two of the steel gears in the rotator's reduction 'gear box' stripped. I would be eternally greatful to anyone who can advise about replacement gears, or who has a 'dead' Aiga ART-8000 as a source of second hand gears. Please contact me.

Photo credit: ON7EH

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