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G0KSC 6 element 6m LFA Yagi


G0KSC 6 element 6m LFA Yagi


The first 6m antenna at the present QTH was a 2-stack of home made G0KSC 6 element 6m LFA Yagis (scroll down to the 'Stacking Version of this Antenna using UK/USA sized material').



This antenna was chosen because of the very low side and rear lobes when stacked, which reduces the pickup of local noise sources and improves receive performance. The LFAs were phased and matched with 75 ohm CATV hardline, and used 3 ferrite cores at each feedpoint as choke baluns.



The wreckage after a guy rope broke during a severe wind storm on 15 April 2013.


The small aluminium tower and scaffold tube rotating mast was eventually replaced by the galvanised tower that can be seen laying in the grass.



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