About Ham Radio

Amateur Radio, also affectionately known as "ham radio", is a hobby of constructing, experimenting and communicating. In New Zealand hams are licensed by the Ministry of Commerce, Radio Operations.
Once licensed, an amateur can operate two-way radio equipment from home, from vehicles and from anywhere in New Zealand - and in many cases when overseas too!
Bands of radio frequencies in the radio frequency spectrum have been set aside for Amateur Radio use. An amateur can talk across town or around the world.
The scope and possibilities are endless from sending TV pictures and operating through Amateur Radio satellites to just having a quiet chat with friends at a distance.

  Who can be a Radio Amateur?

Just about anyone! Some are famous people such as Kings and Prime Ministers, but most are just people from all walks of life who like communicating.
Young people find Radio a great training ground, older people find "hamming" an absorbing retirement hobby.
But Amateur Radio is more than a hobby, it is a service. Radio amateurs provide their equipment and their operating skills when the need arises such as for Civil Defence emergencies and Search and Rescue operations.

  Some Useful Radio Links