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Philips/Pye FM-828A Repeater Conversion Instructions (ZL1KFM-002)

FM828U Front View - Click for Larger Photo (63K), Will open in a new window.

You have been directed to this page regarding the Philips/Pye FM-828A VHF Transceiver.
I am sorry to advise, at this time I have not done any information on the conversion of the VHF model to full duplex mode. I do have a couple of these radios in my possession, but have not got around to doing anything with them. As much as I would like to modify them, time has been restricted for me, Family and other commitments (Husbands/Fathers you know what I mean).
So instead of trying to put wrong information out, I have decided to leave this page with no information. Once I get time to confirm the conversion, I will update this page. It is my belief the conversion will be similar to the FM-828U. I would suggest you follow the instruction for the FM-828U. If anyone has confirmed information on the conversion, and would be willing to allow me to put the information in here, I will do so, and include your details for credits.

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