Development of Teleprinter Networks in Police Service
1921- UK- Creed Co produced their first teleprinter

1927 -USA - Several Police departments in Connecticut install Teleprinters.

1927 -UK- Creed model 3A teleprinter produced. Operated at a speed of 49 bauds and printed on gummed paper tape.
1928 -USA- Pennsylvania State Police install a state-wide teleprinter network.
1929 - UK- London Metropolitan Police trial Creed 3A teleprinters between New Scotland Yard and Croydon Police station
1930 - USA- First inter-state teleprinter network installed linking New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania
1930-31 - UK- Metropolitan Police Teleprinter network expanded

Creed Model 3 teleprinter - 1927

1931 -UK- Metropolitan Police replace Creed model 3 tape printers with new Creed model 7 page printers

Creed 7B Page Printer

Early Teleprinter Room and Telephone Switchboard - New Scotland Yard

1931 - UK - Teleprinter switchboard installed at New Scotland Yard


Teleprinter switchboard - New Scotland Yard
using Creed 7B Printers

1932 - UK - Lancashire Police install Creed model 7 teleprinters.

1932 - UK - Metroploitan Police connect to the Telex network allowing teleprinter links to other police forces in UK

World War II - UK - Metropolitan Police teleprinter network used to control air raid warning system for London


Metropolitan Police Teleprinter Room - 1950's

1948 - NZ - Teleprinter network Introduced using Creed model 7 machines
1954 - NZ - Police Teleprinter network closed down by Commissioner Compton
1958 - NZ - Police Teleprinter network re-established using Creed 54 machines
1976 - NZ - Teleprinter network replaced by computer message switching