Tait 92 Series VHF Base Transmitter


VHF Base station transmitter used by the Police between 1963 and 1972.

According to the manufacturers data,

"Designed to meet the requirements of the base station transmitters for the land mobile VHF radio telephone service, the 92 series transmitters in their standard form fulfil the demands of the New Zealand Post Office Specifications I95, I140, 180T and 185T. In modified form they also meet New Zealand Police Department Specifications 62/6 and 63/20."

The modifications for Police service included:

36-44 MHz Frequency Range (Instead of the standard 80-108 MHz ).

  • Local Microphone with push to talk
  • Electron beam semi-calibrated modulation indicator.
  • 4 channel operation







Any Information/Photos/Examples of this equipment would be much appreciated.