TCS 2 Radio Control Unit

The TCS 2 radio control unit was a radio control unit intended for use in small to medium sized police stations, and mobile command vehicles. It provided access to up to six radio channels, with the ability to link channels if required.

A selective calling facility allowed mobiles to alert the station to calls when the operator was away from the radio position.

The unit pictured was used in the Pukekohe police station, South of Auckland during the 1990s. It is configured to operate on 4 channels, - the main VHF/UHF dispatch channel for the Pukekohe area, a secondary VHF, and a secondary UHF channel, and the primary dispatch channel for the adjoining Te Awamutu North police district.

The unit provides for handset, headset or loudspeaker operation, with push to talk or foot switch to control the transmit function. The rear panel provides sockets for tape recorder and connection to a PABX telephone exchange.

The TCS2 unit was designed and built by Police Information Technology group radio engineers.

Rear view of the TCS 2


TCS2 radio control unit - Pukekohe Police station -1990's