PYE PTC102 VHF Mobile Radiotelephone

The first mobile two way radio used by the NZ Police was a boot-mounted unit made by Pye telecommunications Ltd in the UK.

The unit was similar to the PTC102 unit pictured. The units were single channel VHF sets operating on a frequency of 77.5 MHz.

The radios were installed in the boots of patrol vehicles, and were operated via a control unit (pictured below) which was mounted on the dashboard of the car. Due to the high power consumption, the cars were fitted with and extra generator and battery to power the radio.

These radios went into service in 1949, and were installed in 1948 Chevrolet Fleetmaster patrol cars.

They were replaced a few years later by the dash mounted Pye Reporter Radio.



Thanks to Dave Hicks,G8EPR for the pictures