Pye Bantam "Packset" Portable Radio  


The Pye Bantam was the first portable radio in general use by the police. 25 sets were introduced for use by armed offender squads and special operations in 1965 in Auckland, Hamilton, Taupo, Napier, New Plymouth, Wellington and Palmerston North. A further 20 units were later issued for use in South Island Districts

It was fully transistorised, but was still too large and cumbersome for use by beat officers. (Because it operated in the 40MHz band the aerial had to be around 2 metres long for satisfactory operation.

Several Bantams operating on the 119.1 MHz air to ground frequency remained in use with Search and Rescue squads until the late 1970's

Members of the Auckland Armed Offender squad equipped with Pye Bantam portables.