Ericsson DCX5 Communications Panel  


The DCX5 communication panel was used in Police Control rooms and in the watchhouse areas of larger police stations during the 1990s. It provided access to up to 12 radio channels, 10 incoming 111 emergency lines, 10 general phone lines. A large number of phone number s could be pre-programmed for automatic dialling using a single button press. The panel provided facilities to cross-connect multiple radio channels and link phone and radio channels together. A digital recorder provided instant replay of up to 20 minutes of telephone audio.

The panel pictured is mounted in custom made wooden console (from the Whangarei Police station operations room).

Also pictured are a Hewlett-Packard green screen monitor used with the Wanganui Computer, Wanganui computer keyboard, telephone style radio handset with push to talk switch, and a Netcom communicators headset.

Move your mouse over the panel to see what the various functions are.

DCX5 communications panel in use in the Wellington District Control room, around 1992.


Preset Autodial numbers Radio Channel Controls General Phone Lines 111 Lines Instant Replay Recorder Phone Keypad Function Keys Function Keys Space for 111 call source indicator (never installed)