1960's Operations Room
During the 1960s, larger police stations such as Auckland Central installed the first custom built communications rooms. The layout followed very closely that used by the London Metropolitan Police "Information Room" of the 1950's, although on a smaller scale. The New Zealand version was known as "Operations".

Auckland Operations Room, 3rd floor Central Police Station

Constables taking phone calls with S/Sgt behind the partition

London Metropolitan Police "Information room"
New Scotland Yard -1950's


The room was set out in a T configuration, with Constables seated on each side of a long table taking phone calls. The phone messages were written down and placed on a conveyor belt which ran the length of the table. The belt took the messages to the Senior Sergreant and radio operator who were seated behind a glass partition facing down the length of the table.


Metropolitan Police telegraph Office
(with information room in the background behind the window). The Constable on the right is using a Creed Model 7 teleprinter similar to those used by the New Zealand Police when the teleprinter network was first installed in the late 1940's



Radio Operators side of the partition
Auckland Central 1967


Auckland Ops Room Layout - 1960s-70s