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Collier and Beale VHF base station


In 1950 VHF base transmitters and receivers operating at 77.5MHz were installed at Mt Eden (Auckland), Cashmere Hills (Christchurch) and the 2ZB building on Mt Victoria (Wellington) and were connected to the central police stations by land line. These high sites provided communication within the city areas between cars and base, however car to car communications were marginal over anything other than very short distances due to the low power of the car radios.

The base equipment was manufactured by Collier & Beale in Wellington. The units were mounted in a 2 metre tall vertical rack.

At this time, the Post Office maintained tight control over the use of radio base stations, and the Post Office owned and maintained the equipment.

The example pictured is owned by the Suburban Amateur Radio club in Auckland, and is located at their heaquarters at the old Musick Memorial radio station at Musick Point

Collier and Beale
VHF Base station