Amateur Radio Emergency Communication.

Volunteers in Radio communications.

Using our resources to help the community.


The Auckland VHF Group has an active AREC section that works closely with Auckland City Civil Defence.

 They provide advice, resources and manpower to assist in times of need. The Auckland VHF Group clubrooms provide a backup system to complement the existing systems maintained by Auckland Council Civil Defence.

The AREC section is headed by Section Leader Laurie Mathews ZL1ICU.

From time to time the VHF Group has training sessions and exercises. Members also assist with sports events, parades and Rally NZ.

For further information about AREC please see the NZART web site at


All members of the Auckland VHF Group are encouraged to join the AREC section. Your contribution, large or small is appreciated by all involved.

For information about joining branch 66 AREC, contact the Section Leader or his Deputy lwhose details are listed below:

Section Leader; Laurie Mathews ZL1ICU Ph: 09 634 5130 Cp: 0274 817 463  Email: Section Leader

Deputy Section; George Raffles ZL1TUX Ph: 09 626 6944  Cp: 021 735 361   Email: Deputy Section Leader

                                                                                                                  Refer Contacts Page for Email Addresses

Welcome to the Auckland VHF Group Amateur Radio Emergency Communication's page.

Here you will find information about the club's AREC activities and exercises.

Please feel free to contact our section leader for more information regarding AREC or if you would like to take part in the AREC training.


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