Bay of Islands IRLP Node
Current Status: Operational

Node callsign: ZL1BOI
NodeID number: 6398
Node frequency: via the Bay of Islands 675 2m repeater (146.750 with a -600kHz repeater input offset)

General information: about the IRLP network can be found HERE

8 steps to make an IRLP connection via ZL1BOI Node 6398
1. Listen to the BoI 675 repeater first for 15 seconds before transmitting to ensure it is not in use
2. Announce: "This is [your callsign] connecting to node [remote NodeID number]"
3. Key in the 4-digit DTMF NodeID code for the remote node: [????]
4. Once connected and after hearing the Voice ID of the remote node wait at least 15 seconds
5. Press the PTT and hold for 3 seconds before announcing your presence:
"This is [your callsign] on node [remote NodeID number] calling from Bay of Islands node 6398"
6. Have a QSO, and most important, when it is your over:
WAIT 3 second before you transmit
Then once transmitting
WAIT another 3 seconds before speaking
7. When the QSO is over announce: "This is [your callsign] closing the link"
8. Key in the DTMF code: 73

Some useful DTMF codes:
Connect to node XXXX
Voice menu of Node commands
Node up-time
Voice message
To get the current ZL time
Connection Status
Drop link

*** IRLP Node 6398 operated by Noel ZL1NC ***