Working Africa would be a dream come true for me. Here is some information that has been passed onto me regarding openings from the southern part of Africa across the Atlantic. Please if you have any information that may aid in determining the month and times that this path may open please email me. I am really looking for information regarding mainland African stations working or being worked by stations in and around the Caribbean Sea from XE down through Central America to YV, FY and up around the Caribbean back to Florida. 

 This path must exist it is just a matter of determining when it may exist and then putting some effort into opening it. Six meters is a funny band that many patterns exist, for example I have always wanted to work Japan. I met JA1VOK at the W6JKV BBQ in Texas in 2001 and had a very lengthy talk with him about when the path between JA and ZF may develop. He told me about the possibility of long path openings around 12-13Z in Oct. So in Oct. I began to listen to the long path during my mornings(12Z on). Sure enough after many days of nothing, in popped a JA (read 2001 highlights for more info). Anyway this is why I put this information together. While it may not work out for me it will for someone. Thanks to ZS6WB,ZS6PJS, V5/ZS4NS, 7Q7CM (GW3RYR), TI5KD, KP2A, and FJ5DX for the information! Also to ZS6EX the keeper of the ZS First on 50 MHz list where some of this information comes from. From the information I have received so far I will be spending my time in the mornings(12Z-15Z) in Apr looking to Africa. The afternoons looking for the South Pacific, but that is another story. Hope to hear you on 6m.


Apr 2 1989  1325 KP2A worked  ZS3E and ZS3AT 

Nov 3 1989 1942-2002 KP2A worked 9Q5EE

Nov 15 1989 1558  KP2A worked by ZS6BMS

Mar 10 1990 1946  TI5KD worked 9Q5EE and TR8CA 

Mar 10 1990 2006-2041 KP2SA worked TR8CA

Mar 25 1990  2026   TI5KD worked TR8KPJ

Apr 12 1990 1631 KP2A worked  ZS9A

Apr 27, 1991 1240  YV4DDK worked by ZS6WB. 

Apr. 27, 1991 1333 KP2A worked  ZS1EK

Apr 28, 1991 1321  KP2A worked ZS4S

Apr 28, 1991 1400  FY7 beacon heard by ZS6WB (while I know this is not the Caribbean it is along the correct path)

Oct 23, 1991 1406 KP2A worked V51E

Oct 28 1991   1618  G4SMC/8R1 worked by ZS6AXT (while I know this is not the Caribbean it is along the correct path)

Nov. 3, 1991  1519-1530  KP2A worked V51E, V51KC, ZS9H and ZS9A 

Nov 23, 1991 1352 1443 PJ7/W6JKV worked by ZS6WB and listened to him for about 1 hour after that. He says during this time he listened to an XE calling Jimmy (W6JKV) for half an hour but that the XE was not interested in working anyone but PJ7. WOW!!! What a shame that would have been amazing. 

Nov 23, 1991 1443  FM5WD worked by ZS6WB.

Apr. 22 1992  1937-1958 7Q7CM (GW3RYR) worked FG5BG, FG/N2HNQ, FG5BG, and PJ9EE

Feb 24, 2001  2050  TR8XX worked ZF1DC and KP2A (and also some KP4's  and maybe others also). The band was open here in ZF for over an hour!

Apr 9, 2001    1525  KP4EIT worked by V5/ZS4NS

Apr 12, 2001  1525  9Y4AT worked by V5/ZS4NS and he also heard the YV4AB and PY0FF beacons.  

Oct 30, 2001 2150-2350 9G5AN was heard by ZF1DC but no contact made. The 9G peaked at 51-52.

Mar 2, 2002  2100  TR8CA was worked by FJ5DX

Mar 23, 2002  2220  TR8CA was worked by FJ5DX

May 12, 2002  2035  D2EB was worked by FJ5DX

Sept 14, 2002  2020 S9TX was worked by FJ5DX

Oct 30, 2002  2225  9Q1A was worked by FJ5DX

Nov 1, 2002  1825  6W/F6HLC was worked by FJ5DX

Nov 1, 2002 2230  9Q1A was heard by FJ5DX but not worked as he had worked him already

Mar 9, 2003  1700 J5UDX was worked by FJ5DX

Mar 29, 2003 1600-1700  TR0A/b was reported heard by FJ5DX but no contacts made

Apr 29, 2003  1800-1830  5T5SN was heard and worked by KP4EIT

May 6, 2003  1400-1430  5T5SN was heard by FJ5DX

July 2, 2003  1500Z 5T6M was worked by C6A/W6JKV