The Shack


 ZF1RC,  Roger                                                                   ZF1DC,  David   

Radios: Amplifiers:
Yaesu FT-1000D HF TE systems 0510G 6 m
Yaesu FT-847 HF,VHF Commander II 2 m
Yaesu FT-736R VHF RF concepts 2-317 2 m
Yaesu FT-8500 2m FM RF concepts 4-310 70 cm
HF Antennas: VHF Antennas:
Alpha Delta inv-V 80 m M-Squared 6M2.5WL 11 ele 6 m
KLM 40M-3A 3 ele 40 m Cushcraft  AR-6 Ringo Vertical 6 m
KLM 20M6 5 ele 20 m M-Squared 2M5WL 17 ele 2 m
KLM 15M6 6 ele 15 m Cushcraft  AR-2 Ringo Vertical 2 m
Preamp for satellite: Satellite Antennas
Landwehr NGAAS 145 MA KLM 22C 22 ele 2 m
2x J-Beam 88 ele 70 cm



Click on pictures to enlarge  Both of the towers are crank-ups.  They big tower is about 3/4ths extended and the small tower is all the way down.  We are working on the winch.

the_small_tower.jpg (58745 bytes) working.jpg (41057 bytes) allthree.jpg (41957 bytes)
It is starting to clear up here. About time it got nicer. This is the same as below Here we are working on the rotor after the wind blew it around. All three towers on a clearer day.  Better quality picture using different camera.
smtower.jpg (53601 bytes) antennas.JPG (130851 bytes) satant.jpg (60389 bytes)
This picture shows the 6 meter beam on the top and the 15 meter beam below. Small tower with Big Boy rotor by Prosistel. It is the PST 61 This picture is of the satellite antennas.  A Telephone pole is  used as the tower.
antsonbigtower.jpg (41553 bytes) Control.JPG (737116 bytes) antenna5.jpg (51595 bytes)
The antenna on the top is the 2 meter beam.  Below that is the 20m. At the bottom is the 40m The new C rotor control for the Big Boy PST61 Another shot of all three towers
bigtower.jpg (33573 bytes) rotor.JPG (125431 bytes) artsy.jpg (140454 bytes)
A slightly different angle Close up of the Big Boy Just to show my artsy side?