2002 Highlights on 50MHz

Great start to the New Year, On Jan 1, 2002 at 0023Z 6m opened to JA long enough for one contact with JH6VXP.  

Jan. 1, Unfortunately the power was out island wide from 12Z to 20Z so was unable to take advantage of the Europe openings during that time. We had the radio on backup power so as not to miss any new ones but no computer to log with. ZF1RC managed to work OY9JD for a new one.

Jan. 2, the band opened later today than it had been opening. I spent most of the opening listening for new countries. I managed to get two new ones today. At 1332Z I worked GJ3RAX for #102. Then at 1421Z I worked C6AIE on backscatter for #103. C6 had been very frustrating for me as it is so close and there is a reasonable amount of activity and a beacon as well. I had heard the beacon only once over the past two years. So was extremely happy to get a contact on 6m with C6. The Bahamas must just be at that difficult distance from here that is too close but not far enough to be workable on E's.

Oh my goodness!! Jan2, at 2210Z I was updating this page when I heard some burbling on 50110 which faded away. I thought maybe it was a late opening to the PNW as the beam was on JA as it always is around that time of day.  I tuned up the band to 50115 and there was NL7ZW!!!! My 50th state and #104! Called ZF1RC who also made a contact with NL7ZW for a new one. I also managed to work KL9A, KL0BK and finally at 2318Z KL7NO. I then had to leave the shack. Thanks guys, it is a dream come true to get KL7. I always thought the opening would come via E-skip but F2 is ok, hihi. Thanks also to the W4's and W5's that were in on backscatter for standing by when I called for Alaska only. 

Jan. 3, The band opened very weakly to Europe at 13Z but signals were too weak to fight with. I spent the morning here tuning around for any strong stations or new ones. There was a lot of backscatter to E. US. Also heard the EA&CT video skewed to south on a path to Africa. So I had my beam in that direction when I heard D44TD call CQ. There was an instant pileup. After a while I got through to him at 1658Z for # 105. The band then opened again to EU direct mainly F, EH and I stations. Pretty exciting to have a late opening like that.

Jan. 10, Eu video started around 1430Z and got to S9+ strength very quickly. Worked OZ4VV 53 both ways. Heard G, GI, GM, and SM also but very weak so no contacts made. Then around 16Z band closed very quickly and video dropped from S9++ to gone in about 10min.

Jan. 15,  6M started showing signs of life with EA & CT video skewed to the south by 30 degrees. At 1430Z GM's started burbling in but they were calling for new contacts and I had worked them already. A few PA and EI stations were heard for a few minutes. Heard some W8's and W4's on BS while beaming to EU. Overall I chose to listen and try and catch up with my qsls today rather than make noise.

Jan 16, Another short opening on 6m to Europe. Started around 1445Z and I heard GI, LA, and OZ, also some W4's on BS.

Jan. 17, WOW what an opening. I was just beginning to believe that the openings to Europe on 6m were finished. Oh how wrong I was! Today when I got in the shack at 14Z the band was wide open to Europe with 59++ signals from G-land. I tuned around a bit in order to see if I could get a new one. At 1424Z I worked OH0JFP for #106 then QSY'ed to ~50.225 but too much splatter so moved to 50.300 as this was first freq with no splatter. Worked about 150 stations in Europe by 1540Z and then decided enough with the pile let me check for other new ones. None heard and the band finally closed at 1630Z. I worked DL, EI, F, G, GD, GM, GW, LA, OH0, ON, OY, PA, and SM. Sad to say I missed GU (I was told there was one calling) but I halted the pileup many times to listen for GU and LX. Of course many stations from other areas kept calling but I just did not work anyone until there was silence on the freq. The majority of operators did respect my requests and I thank them. After all I need to be able to work new ones also.

Jan. 18, WOW again! The 6m band opened to Europe at ~1330Z with big signals to G and DL. The band was open until ~1630Z. Unfortunately there was a lot of splatter from people running WAY too much power. I decided that I would listen again to see if I could pick up some new countries. Again unfortunately the band was open to the same countries as it was yesterday. At 1538 I heard FP5BU working GM0EFT, when they were finished I asked the FP to go up 5, but Roy suggested that I just work him on that freq and he would stand by. FP5BU came back right after that and I worked him for #107. Thanks very much to Roy, GM0EFT, for letting me work FP on your freq!

Jan. 21, Short opening to SM, OH and LA starting around 14Z.

Jan. 22, 6M band opened at 1430Z to SM, LA, OH, OH0, ES, and LY and lasted until 1545Z. Signals were strong at times but with a lot of QSB.

Jan. 23, 6m opened around 14Z to E. Eu mainly to Ukraine, UR, tried to work a few for new grids but they were getting into the US much better than here. Also was hearing on backscatter many of the stations working them. Also heard TF3GC working a dog pile of US stations. I have worked a different TF so stayed out. Band closed about 15Z.

Jan. 24,  The band opened to Europe ~1330Z with CU3AN in weak. The band then moved to E. Eu and ES, OH, and LY were in with a lot of in-band video. 49vids were 59++ strongest ever heard here. Back scatter from K9 was strong. Band closed abruptly at 1430Z.

Jan. 25-31, There have been weak signals from EU almost everyday on 6m but only YL2JN worked on the 28th. The signals have been from SM, OH, LY, ES, and LA.

Feb. 2, The 6m band was open to W1 and W2 when I came into the shack at 15Z. Then it shifted to W6, and W7 at around 17Z. It closed to the US at around 19Z. Then came the surprise. At 23Z I was listening for KH6 and V73 when I heard some weak ssb on .110. So I spun the antenna a bit and ZL2KT came out of the noise. I have never worked a VK or ZL in February but today I worked them both. Including VK3SIX in QF02 which is the farthest west in VK I have made a contact.

Feb. 4, The band opened to Europe at ~15Z and I heard/worked ES, GM, LA, SM, OH, and OH0. It stayed opened for an hour but there were not that many stations on. The footprint did appear to be rather small and bouncing around with lots of QSB.

Feb. 5, Band opened at about 1530Z for 20 minutes to GM, only one station heard but he was strong.

Feb. 19, Was listening for PW0T and at 2347Z he popped in. Worked him quickly for #108. I was his country #30 on 6m in two days! Then listened to him work all over the world. First I then D44 then KP4 then JA8 and so on it went. Amazing to listen to. ZF1RC reported that for a few minutes around 0015Z he heard some of the JA's very weak on long path. They were working PW0T but there was a lot of QSB so ZF1RC was only getting partial calls.

Feb. 20, Again PW0T was in strong starting about 2330Z. Also heard HR, YN, YS, and TI on backscatter with the beam on PW0T.

Feb. 28, I was just starting to give up any hope of working TI9M when at 0441Z I was calling cq and a very weak station came back to me. I fought with the noise and was able to pull out his call....it was TI9M!!! Sweet, now we just had to exchange reports. It was very difficult but the operator in TI9M was very good and stuck with it until finally we had exchanged 41's each way. Unfortunately for ZF1RC the band closed before he could work him. The opening was as I thought it would be backscatter beaming to PY, it just happened a little later than I had anticipated. I had thought that it would be between 03-04Z not bad I guess. PW0T has not disappointed either. We seem to have a pipeline between us. At around 2330Z everyday he has started coming in with signals building quickly to 59+ and the openings last a few hours each night. Also worked CE0ZIS which is not a new one but was glad to hear him on.

Mar. 2, ZL2IP and ZL2KT worked on 6M at 2027Z. Hope this is an omen of things to come from South Pacific in spring.

Mar. 4, worked some backscatter into the US with the beam on ZS. Will be beaming that direction everyday between 12-19Z unless other indicators.

Mar. 5, VP8CSA was in at 22Z for about a half hour

Mar. 6, ZD8KW was in starting about 2320Z for about an hour with signals up to 57.

Mar 8-17, 48250 video QTF 210-220 at 04Z for about 1 hour. Also on many of these nights have had 49750. Could not figure out the source. Thought at first it was 9M or HS. Then two nights I had 48239 which can only come from EU. So am thinking it is now Eu video on the LP. (This assumption turned out to be wrong later check my TV freq list link from home page)

Mar. 13, 6M has been open every evening to S. America. Boring....Well that is until the backscatter starts. I heard KH6 at around 0415Z but he was being duped by a TI station. Not to worry as I have worked KH6 before. Then FJ5DX comes up and we work using the scatter path, the signals were surprising S4-5. That is now 110 countries worked. Overall I heard 9Y, HR, TI, KP4, FJ, and KH6 not bad, just wish some more of the Caribbean stations were on at that time but it does get old working the same LU, PY, and CE stations every time there is an opening so I understand why they are not on. I will never understand what the purpose of working the same station over and over and over, and even fight through a pile up to do it, is but that is the way it is. At 1645Z there was another nice backscatter opening and I worked W2,3,4, and TI also worked PW8GTS for a new grid. Later at 2045Z the band opened to ZL and VK. Only got 3 ZL's in the log but heard a few VK2's.

Mar. 14, 6M also had a nice scatter opening while beaming to LU starting around 03Z. Nothing new worked. At 1520Z I heard 49750 LP which is a decent indicator of prop to JA on LP. I called CQ and was answered immediately, signals were not strong but easily readable. I worked the following JA's: JL3IQE/6, JR6WXY, JI1CQA/6, JS6CDB, JR6WPT, and JR6GV. The band closed after 5 minutes but it was a lot of fun. I cannot get enough the Asian openings.

Mar. 15, Another LP opening to JA today that started about 1530Z. It lasted 30mins with signals up to S9+ at the beginning. After this opening there was tremendous backscatter almost continuously until 2030Z. At 1650Z I worked HR3/JA6WFM with good signals on backscatter beaming to PY. Also heard as far north as W1,0,9's also with good signals while beaming to PY. Then at 1944Z I worked CO8DM for a new one #111. This contact was also backscatter but the beam was pointing to ZL. A very exciting day.


Mar. 17, Nice opening to 8R1WD direct at 0058Z.

Mar. 18, Worked XR0X at 0252Z for #112. Thanks Dick! Then at 0345Z I worked VP6DI for #113. Thanks Kan! At about 04Z the backscatter started and by 05Z I had heard TI, HC, HC8, HK, 9Y, P4, YV and KP4.

Mar. 21, 48250 in again up to 59 between 04-05Z QTF 220. Heard EH8BYR 41-51 but he could not copy me. Also had very strong backscatter at the time beaming 145. Heard TI, TG, OA, FJ, and KP4. Have heard XR0X almost every evening at around 02Z for about an hour. Also have heard him while he was working Eu.

Mar. 22,. Another nice LP opening to JA for 15min at 1518Z. Signals were up to 59. Here is the list of JA's worked today: JA5SQH, JF2HEV, JA5AIE, JF3GPS, JE3GRQ, JE2TRG, JF2IMU, JE2OVG, JA2POK, JG3LEB, JH6NKZ, JA3RQ, JA6QGG, JH6VXP, JK3DPM, JH6RRR, JA6NOC, JF1RYU, JL1UFW, JH0BBE, JK6PAC.

Mar. 22-23, 48250 video in again up to 55 04-05Z.

Mar. 23, N6XQ/CP6 in for about 45min starting around 0115Z. XR0X booming in around 05Z with true 59+ signals.

Mar. 25, CP6/N6XQ in again at 16Z for about 30 min. Then at 20Z the band opened to ZL for about 30 min. VK started coming in at 22Z for 30min also.

Mar. 26, From 18-20Z there was tremendous backscatter from the US while beaming to ZL so knew something special was coming. FO3BM answered my cq at 22Z followed by a string of VK2,4,5 stations. The VK5 contacts were my first ever on 6m and are the longest qso's I have had on the short path. It was very exciting as the signals were very strong. We are just now approaching the peak period for this path so things should get even more interesting.

Mar. 27 Band opened to JA on LP at 1540Z for 25 min. Worked 6 JA stations, not many on it seemed. Also at 2130Z had a short opening to ZL.

Mar 28-29 ZL + VK openings from 19-23Z weak mostly but up to 59 at times.

Mar. 30, Band opened LP to JA again. Very strong signals. I was reported heard by 9M6JU but no contact. The band was open when I came in shack at 1517Z and closed at 1534Z. Here is the list of JA's worked: JA6TEW, JA2DDN, JA3JTG, JE4WKR, JO1PSX, JH6PFY, JR5BMM, JF3GPS, JH4IFF/6, JH4JPO, JE2PWN, JG3IFX, JA3APL, JG3HBO, JH3LBD, JA5SQH.

Apr. 3, 48250 in again super strong 59 beaming 220 when I came in shack at 0330Z. Was listening for LP when I heard NH7RO 51 on peaks so swung beam about to peak him up. He peaked at about 200 degrees and was 53 when we worked. Band then opened LP to JA at 1430Z with strong signals from JA. Worked one new JA: JR6SVW. At 1446Z worked VR2XMT for a new one #114. Also heard 9M6JU cq cw for a few minutes at 1517Z but was not able to make contact.

Apr. 4, 6m opened to JA long path again at 1517Z for 20minutes. New JA's worked: JQ3DUE/6, JE6EFG, JF6EZY, and JE6OKI. Band opened to VK at 2240Z but not many stations worked.

Apr. 6, 48239 48244(spur?) 48259 video in 53-55 03Z for about 30 min. Must be Iran, EP. No 48250 video.

Apr. 7, 48239 48244 48259 in again same time but weak.

Apr. 8, KH6 heard 52 on backscatter beaming 200 deg. Also TI & TG on bs. OA4 direct 59. All between 0330-0430Z. Received 6m DXCC# 477 today. Great opening LP to JA started around 15Z for about an hour. At 1541Z BV2KI broke the pile up for a new one #115! The JA6 were up to 59 but the others were 51-55 with QSB.


April 15, The "magic" band opened again this morning to JA on the long path at 1419Z a little earlier than it had been. It was open until 1510Z but signals were mostly weak with a lot of QSB. New JA's worked today: JF3MYA, JA7KHQ, JA5WIZ, JA4GXS, JA4CPC, JA4MRL, JJ4DQY, JI2XIU, JA6BFK, JF2EEK.

April 19, Band opened to VK and at 2121 VK9ML answered my cq on .110 for a new country #116. Also worked AH8A. Then at 2130 FK8CA answered my cq for another new one #117. Then I worked FO3BM. It was a nice opening but only lasted about 30min.

April 20, the band opened to FO at 1855Z. There was also tremendous bs from the southern part of the US with signals peaking 57! I was reported as far north as Missouri on bs. It finally closed to FO at around 2230Z almost 4 hours after it opened. Worked KH6/K6MIO on scatter at 2140.\

April 21, FO3BM in today for at least 2 hours between 21-23Z.

June 28, after quite a long with nothing but static the band opened to the SE US with strong signals and stayed open for most of the day. Also heard FS/W6JKV for most of the day.

June 29, The band opened again to the US around 20Z and stayed open until 02Z. Worked many Caribbean station with super strong signals. Countries heard or worked include: FS, 9Y, PJ2, YV, FY, 8R, KP4, KP2. At 2258 I worked CY9DH for #118.  His signal was weak but he stayed in there for about an hour.

July 26, After listening for 5K0Z the conditions finally arrived and he came booming in here for #119. Also worked C6DX and heard PJ2.

July 28, Heard PJ2/G4FKA for a long time very strong, we had some nice chats in between his CQ's. Then the band opened to the US for him and he faded here. Also some 9Y, YV, and KP2 stations worked this day. 

These are the only highlights to a very slow June-July E-season. There were occasional openings to the SE US and the eastern Caribbean but not the frequency or the duration that is normal.

July 29, worked N4IS in EL96 on 2M for my first contact on 2m with the US in a long time. 

July 30, worked K9KNW in EL95, W4WHN in EL94, and N4IS in EL96 on 2M. 

July 31, worked W4WHN and NW5E in EL98 on 2M.

Aug 4, came home at 2130Z to a wide open 6M. Was hearing TI/KP4/KP2/K1,2,3,4,8,9,0 all very loud. After working a bunch of stations I thought why not try 2m to see if there is any E-skip. At about 2230Z I was calling CQ on 2m and was answered by W4WHN. We tried 432 and could hear occasional signals but not enough to make a contact. At about 2330Z I managed to work my first 2M E-skip into the US when I worked W4LIA.  The 2M band came and went, when it was open signals were strong I even worked a guy mobile with 100w and a square loop antenna.  After about an hour of switching back and forth to 6m I had worked 10 stations in 7 grids on 2M. I was heard on 2M as far north as FM28 in Delaware by K3TKJ. The furthest contact made on 2M was approximately 1,196 Mi (1926 Km) with K4QI.

Aug. 19, another good opening around the Caribbean. worked or heard C6, HI, HP, KP2, KP4, P4, TG, TI, V4, XE, YV. Some strange condx. Heard the XE1KK/b scatter beam 200deg and heard C6ALW scatter beaming 80 deg.  Also tried 2m with TI5KD on one occasion he heard me and on another later try I heard him. No contact made though.

Oct. 3, Been pretty mundane here with the same stations nightly on TEP. Today though the band was interesting. Around 17Z I started hearing some weak signals. Turns out to be FJ5DX on backscatter. Then a bit later I heard EH8BPX also on backscatter. Also heard CO, W4's and W5's strong on backscatter and PT7NK direct. These condx lasted until about 19Z. Later at around 21Z started hearing W4's strong direct but had to leave so do not know what developed. Hoping for some good DX soon.

Oct. 17, was listening for JA's LP when PY9NM started calling CQ at 1508Z. Then at 1650Z while listening for African signals because I was hearing videos that seemed to originate there I heard a faint station. Turned out to be ZD7MY not new but a nice contact nonetheless.

Oct 24, PY's very strong last evening. At 04Z I started to hear what I think is Asia video LP beaming 220. I heard 48239 48242 48250 49750 all about 51-53 for about 30 min. Heard some weak signals but could not pull any through. Came into the shack in the morning and the EA/CT video was in weak on scatter beaming 100 degrees. The video picked up to 57-59 at around 14Z. Started calling CQ and 9H1AW came back to me 55 at 1430Z. Also heard FY and EH8. Also was hearing some W4's. Then at 16Z off the back of the beam was answered by a K6. Swung beam around and boom 59+++ signals out of California. This lasted about 45 min. Then to cap it all off at 21Z worked NH7RO direct path with 55 reports. While beaming to KH6 worked some W5's on backscatter. Quite a day.

Nov. 2, Calling CQ pacific at 2145Z and NH7RO answered with good signal that built to 55. Then was talking to K2RTH at 22Z on scatter beaming to Pacific and saying we were looking for ZK1AKX when I heard ZK1AKX. Wow he was 55 and a new one #120.  ZK1AKX was in for about an hour and a half with peak signals 59+30dB! Heard also TI, HR, and W4,5,6,7 on backscatter. No other pacific stations heard.

Nov. 3, Was listening for J3 on backscatter and sure enough they came up at about 0230Z working LU. Gave a few calls a got through at 0250Z for #121.

Nov. 6, Extra quiet today on 6. Then around 2230Z FO5RK on Rapa Island started coming in on the vertical about 52 turned the beam and he was 59+.  Also worked VP2MJD on backscatter beaming to FO. It is amazing how much scatter there has been over the past month or so.

Nov. 7, FO5RK in again today 2130-2200Z up to 59 but with sharp QSB.

Nov. 10, FO5RK in again today around 23Z.

Nov. 22, ZD7MY in again 16Z.

Nov 30, Path to ZL opened today around 23Z and lasted about an hour. Only worked a couple ZL's but the path was strong with signals peaking 59. Also had a single hop E-skip path to W4's and a two hop E-skip path to W8 at the same time. Then to cap it all off at the same time as these 3 paths existed there was also a scatter path beaming 125 and hearing TI5KD. Amazing opening but only a couple stations worked.

Dec 19, Nice one hop F2 to W7 land between 1630-1700Z and again at 1900-2100Z.

Dec, 27, 28, and 29, Having reasonable E skip through out Caribbean and Central America around 20Z on these days. Worked 9Y, FY, HK, HP, TI, YS, YV and heard HR. Also some backscatter to the US during these openings.