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        Macedonian DX group (MDXG)  is founded in the beginning of 1990 by group of Z3 ham's interested
    for  DX-ing.
Most of active Z3 DX-ers are members of MDXG.


    Z31A  (ex Z31AA),    Z31CZ,   Z31GX,   Z31MM,   Z31PK (SK) ,   Z31RC (SK),   Z31RQ,   Z31TU,   Z32BF,
    Z32DC,   Z32DR,   Z32GD,   Z32KO,   Z32M (ex Z32MB),   Z32XX,  Z33A (ex Z31DX),    Z33F (ex Z31GB),  
    Z33Z  (ex Z31RB),  Z34A (ex Z31ET),   Z34M (ex Z31FK),   Z35G (ex Z31CN),   Z35M (ex Z32KV),  Z35T
    (ex Z32XA),   Z35W  (ex Z32WA),  Z36A  (ex Z31VP),  Z36W (ex Z31JA),  Z37FCA,  Z37Z (ex Z37FAD), 
    Z37KXY,  Z37M
  (ex Z37GBC) and Z30A (ex Z32AM).

       MDXG is issue an MDX Award to all radio amateurs and SWL's. There are the rules for the award:



                                                  MDXG Award


                                                                       MDXG AWARD - RULES

       1. To work or hear:  DX stations 5 members of MDXG and  EU 10 members of MDXG
        2. Valid Contacts from January 1-st 1990, any band any mode.

        3. No QSL's to be sent, only GCR list, signed by two active HAM's.   
        4. Application and GCR list with 5 IRC's or 5 US send to award manager: 

          Venco Stojcev,            e-mail: [email protected]
Ivo Lola Ribar 92, 
             2000 STIP,
             Republic of Macedonia

        We are also accept QSO's with our ex calls and our contest calls: Z39A, Z39M, Z39Z,
        Z30M, Z30Z. For the award we accept  also qso's with our YU and 4N5 call's.

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