Magnetic Loop for 40m band




That’s me during the calibration.


Measures are: 2m the base and 1m the eight; 25cm the diameter


The feeder is just a triangle. The tuning capacitor is home made and semi-variable: a Plexiglas slab can be moved into and out to tune to 7.060 MHz on ZP net.


The four elbows have been soldered by a professional.

The material is aluminium as I couldn’t find copper pipe here in ZP.



Here it is sitting on the pick-up.


The efficiency is near to a full size dipole (around 70%) working much better than the Hustler I used before, which has an efficiency around 5% .

I suppose that the majorities  of  losses come from elbows. Of course would have been better made it by copper.

If you can effort do not hesitate….made it by silver !!