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I really don't know who said this phrase first:

" You can't discover new oceans, unless you have the courage to loose sight of the shore "

But when I first heard it, I have started dreaming about being able to have my own sail boat some day.

The " KALONI " was an old 29 footer that after waiting for it for years, I finally was able to buy it in 1992. Then we have worked very hard to rebuild it, and started training my crew for local offshore racing .
It has been a great experience to share it with my friends, and we have even won a few regattas during the time I have had it.

Going to the nearby Caribbean Islands has been an unforgettable experience and something that I have enjoyed a lot, being also able to talk with my amateur radio friends from everywhere in the world during my trips.



Here is the Kaloni at the 1993 Bonaire International Regatta.




Ham Radio



The Kenwood TS - 950 SDX


Since I was a kid, I have started playing with valves, transistors, radios and antennas, and have enjoyed the many areas that this hobby has, from Contests, DX chasing, to Satellite operation and Slow Scan TV, SSB, CW, and digital data communication modes, like RTTY, AMTOR and PACKET.

Of course, the Collins S Line still here in the shack. It was bought back in 1964 brand new, by my father,  who was YV5BWP and latter YV5AAF. He  passed away in 1.997  and I keep it working and looking like new till now. It is a 75S3B, 32S3, 516F2, 512B4, and 30L1, SM-1 Mic and a Magnum Six RF Speech Procesor .

Other Stuff in the Shack is:

For HF

ICOM  IC-781, Kenwood TS959SD, Collins S3 Line, SWAN MB 40A, 

Antennas: Hy Gain 204 BA, DB 1015 at 60' high, Dipoles for the other bands.


IC-271A+TONO 2M-130G Amp, IC-451A,  Antennas: 6 El Quad, G6 Vertical, 3LYagi.

For UHF:         IC-451A  Antenna Diamond Vertical

Digital Modes: PK- 232 MBX and Kam 9612

Here in Caracas we have a 9.600 bps TCP/IP Network,that is connected to the Internet, providing AMPRNET capabilities to the local Radio Amateurs. It is sponsored by FUNPACK, and the local area coordinator is Pedro Colina - YV5CIV.

I will be more than happy to made an schedule with you, and have a real QSO on any of the HF Bands.

If you need a YV QSL card for your DXCC.  My QSL Manager is W3HNK .. the great Joe Arcure Jr.


 An Apple a Day

I have started playing and working with all kind of  computers, when the first Apple was available on market, then switched to the "incredible" Mac 512, then the IIfx and followed the path with various models to the Power Mac 7500, that I got on September 1.995.

Now due to the lack of Ham Radio software for the Macintosh the computer at the Shack is a  PC Clone with a Pentium IV @ 1.400Mhz  on a Intel D850-GBAL Mother Board.


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Jose R. Sanchez Ron ( Joe ) YV5BY

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