Some advices for working in a pileup!

Those of us who have been in the piles for the recent operations from various rare places have surely noticed that not all operators behaved very well.

If You are in the pile to work the DX please follow these simple advices:

  1. First listen on the frequency to find out the callsign and where and how the dx station listens. Never never never ask on the stations frequency. Do not tune on or near the DX frequency
  2. When the DX have finished a contact give Your full callsign once and quickly. Avoid calling a second time – always give the DX plenty of time to come back – he will call again if he wants people to come calling.
  3. If the station has copied part of a call don’t call again if that is not 100% obvious that what he has copied is a part of Your call. Your interest must be for the DX station to finish that contact ASAP and pick up the next caller.
  4. If the DX calls for a specific area or number don’t call if You are not in that group. Use the time to try to find out how the DX listens – if he listens on the same frequency for several contacts or if he always moves to a new frequency and if so in what direction – that is much more useful than complaining on the DX frequency.
  5. If the DX frequency is jammed try to locate the jammer but never any comment on the frequency.
  6. I would like to suggest that comments be made on a frequency on the opposit side of the DX listening frequency say 5 to 10 kHz away. Dont blame any specific country even if all the trouble comes in the same language and remember that the worst jammers don’t use there own call.

If You are in the pile to make it difficult for us, remember that we will find You