DX-peditions and similar activities by SM7AED & UKSMG



Argentina, AY4EJ/D and AY3DTD/D. Confirmation.
Mariano Viva, LU4EJ, and Daniel Vicencio, LU3DTD, will be active from ARIADNA Island , (IOTA SA 021) as AY4EJ/D and AY3DTD/D October 4 to 6th. 2002. This Island will be worked in first time by radio amateurs. The Island, valid for the IOTA Award, is located on the Atlantic Ocean, about 70 Km South East from Baha Blanca. They will to work with a Yaesu FT 817 (QRP) , and power amplifier of 150 Watts, vertical antenna AV3 with 9 ground planes for 20,15 and 10m. On 80 and 40 meters,with dipoles. The suggested SSB frecuencies are: 3680, 7090, 14260, 14200, 21260, 21300, 28560, 28460 and 50.110 KHz. Also Mariano wish to operate in CW on + - 3520 and 7020 KHz from 21:00 UTC. Please listen first and no more of 12/15 ppm. We will to send informations to many DX Clusters. His e-mail is: [email protected] . QSL's, va LU4EJ / LU4DTD (See QRZ..com) direct or via Bureau.
72/73 es DX de Tito, LU7EE ~ AY7EE Spanish Internet Bulletin
[email protected] (F5NQL)

Azores, CU7BC.
Rcvd this mail:
"My name is Marco Dutra, CU7BC, and I will be QRV between 18 July and 25 August from Pico island - HM58RL, on 50MHz and above."

China, BI5H.
China, BI5H Members of the ZheJiang Province Radio Sports Association will operate an IOTA operation from Sheng-Shan Island (AS-137) from July 21 to 29. Shengshan Island (122.808091E 30.720419N) is part of the Zhoushan archipelago. The group will use BI5H on 6 through 80 meters, including the WARC bands. They plan to have 3 stations on HF. Team members include BD5HAA, BD5HAG, BD5HAM, BG5HAR, BD5HMA, BG4AHZ, BA7NQ, BA7JA and possibly others. Look for the group to be active in the RSGB IOTA Contest on July 27 and 28. Activity is expected mostly on the IOTA frequencies. More information and a real-time log search can be found on their web page at http://www.bi5h.org. QSL via BD5HAG, Kai Weng, 19-506 Qiushi-Cun, Hangzhou, 310013, P.R. CHINA. (SMIRK)

Venezuela, YW1T.
This Year the Caracas-DX-Club (Grupo DX Caracas) will be on the Caribbean island "Toas" from July 23 to 28 2002. IOTA SA-066. The small island is located in the Gulf of Venezuela, not very far away from the HK-border.
Our call will be YW1T and we will operate all bands from 160m to 6m CW and SSB. QSL via W4SO (Maildrop).
After our return I will update my WEBsite (http://kilohertz.de)
73 Ray. DL2GG/YV5 (SMIRK)

Aurora today?.
Computer models suggest that the Coronal Mass Ejection on the 15th will result in a strong interplanetary solar wind shock striking Earth sometime this evening. (G. I. Alaska)

10 of the most wanted grid squares in Europe.
MOST WANTED 6M GRIDS in Europe sofar: top 10: IN81 IM79 JM29 JO79 JP94 KN38 KN49 KP27 KP37 IM78 does this correspond to your wanted list as well?
Most wanted for EA: IN81 EA6: JM29 SM: JO79 UR: KN38 OH: KP27 YU: KN96 EU: KO22 F: IN93 JN27 LA: JP21.
Please send in your list so that this list is as complete as possible (its open to everyone! )
73 Johan ON4ANT

Vatican City, HV5PUL.
HV5PUL from the Pontifical Lateran University (www.pul.it) in the Vatican City State will be on air tomorrow (June 17th) starting from 14.00 utc. Operations on HF, six and two meters.
Best 73, Luca IW0DJB

Lichtenstein, HB0/HB9QQ.
I will operate as HB0/HB9QQ from July 19th to 21st at 2000m asl in JN47tc. TX 50.146 RX 50.150 - 50.160, SSB and CW. Hope for good prop.
73 Pierre, HB9QQ

Useful chat page.
A 50 MHz european chat with versatile DX spots retrieved from 10 DX clusters is running and more than 230 users are already registered (http://www.on4kst.com/chat ). A 144 Mhz chat is now available sinds Sunday. One interesting stuff is to propose propagation indices in real time with history (Sun Spot Number, Solar Flux, A, K, Proton, Xray flux for flares, Bt, Bz and Kpp predictions with an integrated help). The system is very efficient and data size optimized.
Best 73s from Alain ON4KST.

Aurora warning.
A powerful but short-lived X3-class solar flare occurred near the center of the disk of the Sun at around noon Alaska Daylight Time on Monday July 15. It is not yet clear whether this event launched an interplanetary shock wave toward Earth. If so, then northern-tier US states may see auroral displays low on the northern horizon during the night of July 16. (G. I. Alaska)

Many groups or single operators also have 6m equipment to use outside the contest. Maybe you can catch a new grid square. The contest this year from 1200z July 27th to 1200z July 28th.

Colombia, 5K0Z. Update.
Operators DH7WW, DK8YY, DL2AKT, DL2OAP, DL3ALI, DL4ALI, DL4JS, DL4YY, DL7ZZ, DL8AKI and HC2DX will be active from July 16-29th. The team was issued the special callsign 5K0Z. Activity will be on 160-6 meters and the satellites on all modes. They will also be active in the IOTA Contest. QSL via DH7WW either via the bureau or direct to: Ulrich Moeckel, Muldenstr. 1, 08304 Schoenheide, Germany. Pilot-station is: [email protected] (OPDX)

France, F..../p in JN25vv.
Yvan, F1RAD, F1SDZ and F4ACU will be /P in JN25VV, department 01, 1500 asl, from 12.00z on 17th to 12.00z on 21st july. QRV with FT100 and dipole antenna. QRG 50.210 The QSL information from the operators.
73 Georges F8OP

U S A, K8B in grid EN67.
The North Side Contesters Club is announcing an expedition to activate grid square EN-67 during the period September 21-23rd. This will be a field day type operation from Brockway Mountain in Keweenaw County, Michigan, with coverage on all HF bands, plus 6 meters, 20 meters and 70 cm. A 5 element beam will be used on 2 and 6 meters. The expedition will be using the callsign K8B. The QSL Manager will be NV8V. Look for the VHF/UHF operation on the SSB calling frequencies, or 10 kHz up if in use. The operators will be: NV8V, N9RK, W8UFO, AB8KO, KA8FFM and N9SSN.

A very interesting site!
Hi friends,
I just came across an UFB site http://www.polarimage.fi/
This Finnish guy has made LOTS of beautiful and interesting pictures of the sky (and many other things)! I think you might find it interesting.
The pictures include Noctilucent clouds , coronas, comets, planets, atmospheric distortion of setting/rising sun & moon, coronas, mirages, and much much much more!
73 de Lasse SM0KAK

Maldives, 8Q7ZZ. Update.
We depart in just over 2 weeks time. We are hoping for a nice opening on 6m. We will have an IC-756PROII with a 5 ele at about 25/30 feet. We may even still get an amp on 6m but nothing confirmed. The 6m station will be on air for 12 hours a day calling continuous CQ on the announced frequency. We will have the RX of the radio linked to a hendheld and there will always be someone monitoring it - so if there is a reply, the station will become QRV ASAP. We are hoping for some good openings to EU! That will be great!
73 Mark, M0DXR
More on http://www.8q7zz.com/

Aland Islands, OH0/DL4SDW.
Juergen,DL4SDW, is visiting Hammarland (JP90VH) from Jul 12-16. He plans to work on 6m and participate in the IARU Contest signing OH0/DL4SDW.

Croatia, 10 YEARS OF 9A.
2002 marks the 10th anniversary of allocation of the 9A prefix to Croatia and the Croatian Amateur Radio Association (http://www.hamradio.hr) sponsors a special award for contacts made on HF, VHF and 6 metres with 9A stations between 5 July and 31 December. The award is also available to SWLs. For further information please e-mail Denis Vincek, 9A3Z at [email protected] (425dxn)

Miquelon, FP/K9OT and FP/KB9LIE. Update.
Paul, K9OT and Peg, KB9LIE have updated the web page for their 11-19 August trip [425DXN 581] to Miquelon (NA-032). The URL is http://www.mhtc.net/~k9ot

Irak, YI9OM.
Peter YI9OM will stay in Bagdad until November this year and then he leave for home. Maybe he will go for a new mission to YK or EP. Both these countries have TV on channel 2 so not sure he can work on 6M from there.
Peter is at present using IC706 100W + MFJ969 + 4 el yagi.
His QSL manager (OM6TX) has used up the QSL cards but new ones will be printed. (SM7CMV)

Greece, J42WSC.
Look for J42WSC to be QRV during the 36th World Scout Conference from July 15 to 19. Activity will be on all bands, including 6 and 2 meters, using CW, SSB, RTTY, Packet and APRS. QSL via SV2CLJ. (ARLD)

D. R. Congo, 9Q1YL & 9Q1A.
Amateur Radio in the Democratic Republic of Congo continues to progress. The PTT Ministry has given verbal permission for Amateur Radio operations to five licenses as of July 1, 2002. Those being 9Q0AR ARAC, 9Q1YL Nicole, 9Q1MM Jean Philippe, 9Q1KS Cyprien and 9Q1A Pat. Credit goes to Nicole, TU5NC/5N0YL, for her work with local authorities. The PTT staff has been on strike but the ARAC is staying in close contact. Gus, SM5DIC/9U5D, is expected to be in Kinshasa around mid July. 9Q5BQ has been reported over the last few days, however it appears that this station is not transmitting from Kinshasa and this callsign remains unknown to both the licensing authorities and the 9Q national society. Nicole, 9Q1YL, and Patrick, 9Q1A, are now QRV on 40, 20, 17, 15, 12, 10 and 6 meters. No plans for the other bands for time being. There is no space for serious antennas on the lower bands, yet they may try something on 75 meters. Look for Nicole mainly on weekday afternoons and Patrick on weekday evenings and weekends. 9Q1MM and 9Q1KS are not active for time being. 9Q0AR may show up on the bands during special occasions operated by ARAC members. To promote Amateur Radio and keep it in the spot light in the DRC the 9Q0AR callsign maybe used by visitors in any of the nine call areas. Written applications can be made to the ARAC by providing a valid foreign license, joining the ARAC Society and guarantying 100% QSLing for the concerned period. Guest operators will take care individually of their QSLing arrangements but must supply the ARAC with a copy of their logs. For more details contact the ARAC via email to [email protected] or phone Nicole, 9Q1YL, at (00 243) 99 43 838. (The Daily DX)
More on http://www.qsl.net/f6blq/9q%20news.htm

Wet grid squares, LA7THA/mm. Update.
Rune has got another work and must leave the ship on Friday night.

St. Pierre & Miquelon, FP/W0SD, FP/W0OE. Reminder.
For those who missed Lefty and Tim. Ed, W0SD and Edith, W0OE will operate on 50.120 cw/ssb from GN17TC 27,28,29 July. They will use Acom 1000 and 5el Yagi. QSL via W0SD
Herb, W3BO

Yugoslavia, 4N1ZNI/b.
I heard another YU beacon on the 8th. Callsign 4N1ZNI in KN03wh on 50.047.

Ceuta & Melilla, EH9/EH7....
Five operators from URE Malaga (EA7RU, EA7AIN, EA7VK, EA7HZ and EB7HAF) plan to operate from Alboran Island (AF-042) on 19-22 July (dates may change as they will be voyaging on a fishing ship). The call is unknown at the moment, but they plan to be active on 10, 12, 15, 17, 20, 30, 40 and 80 metres (maybe on 160m as well) SSB and CW with two stations, plus a third station for 6 and 2 metres and 70 cm. The transmissions on 50Mhz from the Grid Square IM85LW is new! (SM7AED: EH9IB has worked from this square since 1993.)
Maybe a fourth station will be added for the HF bands. QSL via EA7RU. (F5NQL)

Mexico, 4A3R.
Several members of Radio Club Cancun will be active as 4A3R from Contoy Island, grid square EL60, (NA-045) on 11-14 July. Activity is expected to take place on 160-6 metres SSB, RTTY and CW, as well as satellite. QSL via XE3RCC (P.O. Box 1883, Cancun, Quintana Roo 77500, Mexico). The web page for the operation is at http://www.radioclub.cancun.com.mx/(425DXN)

Bahamas, C6AJR, C6DX. Update.
K8FL, K8LEE, N9NS, W8GEX, W8ILC and WA8NJR will operate (on 40-6 metres SSB, CW and PSK31) as C6AJR (QSL via W8GEX) from Eleuthera (NA-001), Bahamas on 24-31 July, including an entry in the IOTA Contest as C6DX (QSL via N8QET). (425dxn)

St. Paul Island, CY9DH.
The operators from the CY9DH operation are now QRT. Last report, they made 12,180 contacts on HF as of 0000z July 7th. No report is available on VHF contacts. (OPDX)

North Korea, P5/4L4FN. Update.
Bruce, KK5DO, informs OPDX that several weeks ago he sent a bunch of equipment over to Ed, P5/4L4FN. He was in Beijing during the end June and has collected everything. He is now back in North Korea. Among the things sent to him was a complete satellite station for AO-40 (less the radio which he has), a Hex Beam and rotor as well as an addition to his Butternut antenna for 6m/12m/17m. The upgrade on the Butternut will allow him to continue to make 6m contacts and possibly work some further away stations than he already has.

Luxembourg, LX8LGS.
Look for activity from the special event callsign LX8LGS (Luxembourg Guides and Scouts) between July 17-27th. Their activity will be on 160-2 meters on SSB, CW, RTTY and SSTV. For more details look at qrz.com. QSL is OK via LX2AJ. (OPDX)

Kazakhstan, UN7QX, UN7GM.
If you hear the beacon UN1SIX, 50.024 MHz, and want a QSO with UN7QX or UN7GM on 6m please send an e-mail to [email protected] . Indicate callsign, frequency, and mode. If we are in the shack we will call immediately.
Igor UN7GM via PA4PA

Market Reef, OJ0VR. Reminder.
OJ0VR will QRV again July 8-11th on six mtrs. Starting on Monday about 16 UTC and closing about 5.30 UTC on Thursday morning. QSL via OH1VR: Seppo Sisatto, Ojakatu 3 A 18, 33100 Tampere, FINLAND.

Wet grid squares, LA7THA/mm.
I am now QRV from JP14 and JP22 (W-NW for Kristiansund). I am passing between 3 and 4 every day so the grid is changing depending on my position.
I am QRV from about 1100 UTC till 1500 UTC if 6M is open and will be in these grids until 10/12 July. After that I am QRV from another grid west for Shetland.
I will try to work a little slow motion CW, only call + RST (do not need your grid)
Frequencies: 50.092 CW and 50.130 SSB +/-. QSL via LA9DVA.
73 de Rune LA7THA/MM
(Rune was active from JP24 today)

Cape Verde, D44BS.
Angelo asked for distribution this short notice:
"I have recently returned from the USA where I stayed with my sons since last December. I'm working on the 700 envelopes received. Job is almost done and cards will be in the mail soon. 73 de Angelo, D44BS."
73 Jose, EA7KW

Jan Mayen, JX7SIX beacon QRV.
Hi all
JX7SIX is now QRV from it's permanent location.
There is information and many nice pictures on http://www.qsl.net/la7dfa/(click on "JX7SIX beacon")

Callsign: JX7SIX
Frequency: 50.079 MHz
QTH: Jan Mayen
Output power: 10 W
Antenna: Dipole (sloping)
Direction: Omni
Mode: A1A (=normal CW)
Operation: 24h/day

Remark: JX7DFA/b has been using 50.079 from time to time, but will no longer be transmitting on that frequency.

By the way if you need a really good beacon list take a look at http://www.keele.ac.uk/depts/por/50.htm
73 de Lasse SM0KAK

Italy, 6m contest July 13/14.
CONTEST LARIO 6 METRI for amateurs Worldwide to exchange QSO informations with as many stations as possible on 50 MHz. QSOs as in SSB as in CW must be made up 50.150 MHz. It's forbidden the "self-spotting" use on PCL network. It's forbidden to ask for a qsy to a station working outside the contest band.

Contest date = second weekend of July (July 13-14, 2002). Starts 14.00 UTC Saturday, ends 14.00 UTC Sunday. More details here

Egypt, SU60WW. KM40.
Said, SU1SK, announced the first DXpedition from the Egyptian Western Desert, which is expected to take place between July 6 and 13. Said says he will use special call SU60WW from Al Alamein, Egypt. Equipment will include a 100-watt TS-570 into an R7 vertical. Look for activity on 6, 10, 12, 15, 17, 20, 30 and 40 meters SSB and CW. Check out his web page at http://www.qsl.net/su60ww/
QSL via SU1SK, P.O. Box 190, New Ramsis Center, Cairo 11794, Egypt. (SMIRK)

East Malaysia, 9M6/GM4DMA .
9M6/GM4DMA will be on 6M September 12-30 from Sabah. He will be using 100 watts with stacked 5/8 wavelength verticals. (SMIRK)

Morocco, CN2DX.
Need to brush up your French? A mail received from Andr:

"Hello, Vous pouvez all voir le site de CN2DX, il a t mis jour, photos 2002, locator, log, compte rendu etc, d'autre chose venir.
73 de Andr CN2DX HB9HLM
http://radioamateurs.eicn.ch/cn2dx "

Curacao, PJ2/G4FKA a.o.
Bristol Contest Group to visit Curacao PJ2 again. Five of us will be visiting Curacao (FK52) again for two weeks from 22nd July 2002. Although the main aim is IOTA, we hope to be active on 50MHz with a better station than was possible last year. Look out for PJ2/G4FKA, G3XSV, G3TKF, G0HFX and M0WLF.
Geoff, G4FKA

Angola, D2EB.
Ted, G4UPS, tells us: "Had a QSO with Henry, I3LLH on 29th June and he confirmed that he was having difficulty obtaining the logs of D2EB. He had received over 1,000 QSL cards but had so far only received logs up to September 2000. So it rather looks as if we are going to wait some time before we receive the QSL cards !!!"

Amsterdam Island, FT1Z.
Caroline, F4DOT, is planning to travel by boat to Amsterdam Island, grid MF82, and be QRV on 6 meters only with an FT-100 + 4 el yagi from July. She will stay there 6 months. Caroline should be the first YL operator from the TAAF (Territory of French Austral and Antarctic Lands)

Maldives, 8Q7ZZ. Update.
Four young ops, M0DXR, Mark; M0TTT, Robert; EA2AIJ, Tony and DJ1YFK, Fabian, plan to be on from the Maldives as 8Q7ZZ July 30-August 11. They plan to be on 80-6 including WARC, SSB, CW and digital with three simultaneous stations. They will have an A3S and A3WS, vertical for 80/40, an IC-756PRO loaned by Icom and two FT-900 rigs loaned by CDXC. (See also #020207 below) QSL direct to G3SWH.

U.S. Virgin Islands, NP2B.
Bruce/W4OV, Julio/WD4JR, John/NP2B and Joe/VE3BW will be operating from St. Croix in the CQWW SSB Contest, October 26-28th as NP2B. They will be arriving on October 22nd, and plan to operate the WARC bands and especially 6 meters prior to the contest using their own callsigns portable NP2. They will have a 4 element quad on 6 meters for pre-contest QSOs. (OPDX)

Svalbard, JW4LN.
Tom, LA4LN, will again be operating as JW4LN from Spitsbergen (IOTA EU-26) and Bear Island (IOTA EU-27), July 6-21st, while on work. The Bear Island operation is planned to take place July 9-16th, landing weather permitting! He will be on the radio mainly in the evenings (local time) and when time permits. Check the lower CW portions, especially the 40, 30, and 20 meter bands (or other bands which may be open); and 6 meters (50150 kHz, +/- 15 kHz). Equipment will be an ICOM IC-706 MkII and mainly wire antennas. PSK-31 and RTTY are possible, but not from Bear Island. While on Bear Island a 60 Ah battery and a gasoline generator will be used for power. Please QSL direct to Tom's home address: Tom V. Segalstad, P.O. Box 15 Kjelsaas, N-0411 OSLO, NORWAY. (OPDX)

Saipan, N. Marianas, NH0S.
JF2SKV will operate from Saipan on HF and six meters from Nov 21 to Nov 26. Call sign will be NH0S. QSL to home call. (SMIRK)

Cuba, T48W.
Teemu SM0WKA will be working as T48W together with CO8ZZ and members of Radio Club Las Tunas from October 18th till November 10th. They will be active on HF and 6M (50.105) and will participate in CQWW SSB contest.

Swaziland, 3DA0CF. Update.
Frosty, K5LBU, will once again operate from here between July 11-18th as 3DA0CF. Andre, ZS6WPX, will be his host and take him to the station which should have a 3 element tribander plus dipoles for the low bands. They hope to put up something for 6 meters during this time. Frosty plans on bringing a RigBlaster to try some PSK (if he can learn how it works), otherwise it will be all SSB. He also plans to be in the IARU Contest. Frosty states he will arrive in ZS-land on the July 5th and leave for Houston, Texas, on August 4th. He teachs school, so he has to be back by August 9th. QSL via K5LBU direct or bureau. SASE or SAE and USD or IRC. (OPDX)

Venezuela, YW0T, grid FK40.
The Association of Radioamateurs of Venezuela and the Grupo DX Caracas are organizing their annual IOTA DXpedition to celebrate Venezuelan Navy Day 2002. YW1T will operate from Toas Island, Zulia State Islands, on SSB and CW from 160-6 meters from July 23-28th. QSL direct and via the bureau to W4SO, their mail drop. QSLs will be verified and mailed from Venezuela. A commemorative plaque will be issued to the DX station that works them on the most bands and modes. (OPDX)

Myanmar, XY3C/XY5T/XY7V. Update
The latest information on the QRV schedule of the XY3C/XY5T/XY7V DXpedition to Myanmar is as follows:
2-8 August Yangon 80-10m + 6m, one station
9-22 August Ngapali 160-10m + 6m, up to 4 stations
16-19 August IOTA NEW 80-10m + 6m, two stations
Web site at DXpedition is at http://www.dx-pedition.de/myanmar2000/

Miquelon, FP/K9OT and FP/KB9LIE.
Miquelon Island, FP. Paul, K9OT, and Peg, KB9LIE, will operate from Miquelon August 11-19 as FP/K9OT and FP/KB9LIE. Operation will be on 6-80 meters CW and SSB only. 160 meters will be attempted. This is a low-key vacation trip with 100 watts to wire and vertical antennas. Rigs will be a Ten-Tec Jupiter, Yaesu FT-900 CAT, and Alinco DX-70TH. Special emphasis will be on 30, 17, and 12 meters. Their entry in the North American QSO Party SSB contest will use the Green River Valley ARS club call as FP/K9WM. QSL via homecall except FP/K9WM QSLs go to NN9K. (The Daily DX)

Greenland, OX3LX.
I expect to be QRV from Nuuk GP44, 22 - 30 Juli, 2002 and from Sisimiut GP36 7 - 15 August 2002. I m using my traveling gear with 100 w and a 3 element yagi. There a no HF antenna only 6 meters. As I work closely to my rig, I will be QRV through the day in coffe and lunch breaks. I will call at 50.110 or 50.091. Im available at this cellphone no. +45 22 65 93 03. As I work with Birger OX3UB, expect to see his call active too.
OX3LX/OX1DJJ-Bo Christensen. [email protected] http://homed.inet.tele.dk/ox3lx.dk/

Portugal, CT4NH/p, grid IM69.
I've talked with CT1DIZ and we will arrange something during July. We have to get an antenna, but we will operate from a mountaintop qth. I will let you know.
Best 73 de Luis, CT4NH

Azores, CU9D etc.
Luis/CT1AGF, Antonio/CT1EPV, Hermann (HB9CRV/CT3FN) and Phil/HB9FMU will be active on all bands (6 metres included) SSB, CW, RTTY and PSK31 from Corvo Island (EU-089) from 16 July to 1 August. They will participate in the IOTA Contest as CU9D (QSL via WA3HUP); outside the contest look for CU9AB (QSL via WA3HUP), CU9/CT1AGF/p (QSL via home call), CU9/CT3FN/p (QSL via HB9CRV) and CU9/HB9FMU/p (QSL via home call). (425DXN)

Scotland, GM6UV.
The Cambridge University Wireless Society will be active as GM6UW from various locations in the Hebrides, Scotland in July. Plans are still dependant on the finalisation of transport links and the trip will be weather-permitting, but operations should take place as follows: 11 July Lewis Island (EU-010) 12-15 July Shiant Islands (EU-112) 17-19 July Treshnish Islands (EU-108) Activity should be on all HF bands and 6 metres with an emphasis likely to be on 20-10 metres. Some CW operation is possible, but most activity will be SSB. QSL via M0BLF, either direct or via the bureau. A bureau QSL request form and logs will be available here . (425DXN)

Denmark, Bornholm island, OZ/DJ6TK.
I am in holiday on Bornholm Island (EU-30) Middle of July for 14 days. I will be QRV on HF Bands and on 6 and 2 mtrs most from JO75LA. (also JO74MX).
Thanks Arne and best of luck, Wilf - DJ6TK.

Togo, 5V7XO.
Francois, VE2XO, informs OPDX that he will be active from Lome, Togo, as 5V7XO from August 25-31st. He will be mainly active on RTTY and also on SSB on 20/17/15/12/10 meters, operating split. Also, he may possibly be active on 6 meters. Francois also mentions that he may possibly be active from Benin (TY) (TBA later). He will be using a 1KW (TS-850SAT, IC-706 MKIIG and Acom 1000) into a Sigma-5 vertical, a Sigma-6M and a four-square Sigma-20 vertical array. Thanks to Acom, BUX ComCO, Comtek and Force 12. QSL via his home callsign. )OPDX)

Benin, TY7Z, TY9F, TY4DX, TY4FB. Update.
The French team (F5MOO/TY7Z, F5CWU/TY9F, F5AOV/TY4DX, F1PJB/TY6FB) has provided more information on their July 15th to August 14th operation to Grand-Popo, just near the southern border of Togo (grid JJ16?). Their shack will be 2 km away from the ocean. Their aim is to contact as many stations as possible from all continents, especially on WARC bands as well as low bands. 6m and SAT activities are also planned. Due to the proximity to Togo, they expect to transmit from the southern part of that country. At this time, they are looking to get a license but it is not a sure thing. In Benin, they know of several young guys who are really interested in ham-radio, but they don't have the money to pay for licences and gear. The team has asked for an extra license. Their antennas will stay there and they will provide a transceiver. They really hope to leave the country with at least 1 station (permanent resident) active from TY. Their relations with the OPT (Ministry of Telecommunications) was excellent during their operation last year. That is why they want to work hard to promote ham-radio in this country. So they are currently looking for donations. The DXpedition now has a Web page available at: http://perso.wanadoo.fr/f5cwu/html/benin02.htm . (OPDX)

Guinea, 3XY7C.
The DL7DF crew is happy to announce its next DXpedition to Guinea, 3X. The call issued will be 3XY7C. Operation will take place between October 30, 2002 (evening local time) and November 13, 2002 (noon local time). They will have several stations on the air on all bands from 160 to 6 meter on CW, SSB, RTTY and PSK31. The group will also make an attempt at SSTV. The experienced crew includes DJ6TF, DJ7UC, DK1BT, DL4WK, DL7UFR, DL7BO and DL7DF. Equipment will consist of four (4) transceivers (2 x IC735, 2 x IC706), 2 x KW linears (maybe 3), a TH3 for 20/15/10, an A3WS (17/12), 2 Titanex V80E Lowband Verticals, a GP for 40/30, another R5 Multiband GP as well as 5 laptop computers. The QSL route is either direct or via the bureau to DL7DF. An on-line log will be available and updated during the DXpedition. The Pilot for this DXpedition will be Bernd, DF3CB, [email protected] . Check out the team's web page at http://www.qsl.net/dl7df/3x/ . (SMIRK)

San Andres Island, HK0
DH7WW, DK8YY, DL2AKT, DL2OAP, DL3ALI, DL4ALI, DL4JS, DL4YY, DL7ZZ, DL8AKI and HC2DX will be active (requested call HK0ZZ) from San Andres Island, EK92, (NA-033) on 16-29 July, IOTA Contest included. The plan to operate on 160-10 metres (with an emphasis on the low bands) CW, SSB and digital modes, plus satellite and 6 metres. QSL via DH7WW either direct (Ulrich Moeckel, Muldenstrasse 1, 08304 Schoenheide, Germany) or through the DARC bureau. Logs will be available at http://www.ve9dx.com. For further information please e-mail Ralf, DL3JJ at [email protected] (425DXN)

Benin, TY.
After their trip in North Benin in 2001, F5MOO (TY7Z), F5CWU (TY9F), F5AOV (TY4DX), F1PJB (TY6FB) plan a DXpedition in the South from July 15th to August 14th. QTH will be Grand-Popo, near the Togo border. More infos later. (F8OP)

Bahamas, C6AJR.
John C6AIE/WZ8D writes; Another trip by Joe and his crew C6AJR (W8GEX) will be going back to Eleuthera for the 10 m contest. This is around the end of July. They most likely will be using C6DX during the contest. They will also be on six meter from FL15 with 100 watts and a 3 element beam.
73s from C6AIE / WZ8D (SMIRK)

Myanmar, XY3C.
An international group plans to be QRV on 6m and HF from Yangon (grid NK86) on August 4 - 8 and from Ngapal (grid NK78) on August 9 - 22. 6m with amplifier and yagi beam. QSL via DL4KQ. More info on http://www.dx-pedition.de/.

Greenland, OX3LG.
OX3LG, Michael, plans to be QRV from Kook Island, grid GP34, on August 1 through October 1 on HF and 6M, SSB and CW. QSL via OZ1ACB.

Lebanon, OD5/IW0GXY
I just received the authorization to operate as OD5/IW0GXY through June (and probably until September). I will only operate 6mt. For more details you can visit my page at the URL http://www.qsl.net/iw0gxy/index.html.
Massimiliano is in the Italian Air Force and is stationed in Nagoura, KM73nc, in Southern Lebanon as part of the UN peacekeeping force. He is using a Icom IC-706MKIIG and a J Pole antenna. His operating frequency is 50.155 +/- 3 kHz. QSL to IW0BET, direct preferred but bureau ok. (SMIRK)

Wet squares, G0KZG/mm.
I will be joining my ship again on the 6th May, in Fremantle, Australia. We sail on the 9th, for the Seychelles Islands. We will be arriving in the Seychelles on the 30th May. From then until the 15th July we will be working in the Indian Ocean, between Seychelles and Mauritius. I am normally QRV on 6m, and monitor 50.110 all day when I am in my office on the ship.
My ship, the CHARLES DARWIN is a Research Ship, and we have been working for an oil company west of Angola. We do not carry any cargo, just scientists! The CHARLES DARWIN is 70 metres long by 15 metres width, displacement 2556 tonnes so we are only small!
I can send QSL Cards out either direct or via the buro. My QSL Card is a photo of the ship There will be a delay this time with the cards, as I have some more being printed, but I normally send all my cards to the buro within 1 month of arriving home.
My equipment is:
- Yaesu FT847
- 5 ELE F9FT YAGI for 6m
- SSB Electronics mast head preamp.
- Magnetic Loop antenna for 10 - 30 mhz
I hope to meet up with you during the next trip,
Best 73's - Andy - G0KZG/MM (de SixItalia)

Dem. rep. Congo, 9Q1A .
9Q1A will be back to DR CONGO by end April with FT100D and beam on 6 meter band. As a resident, will be here till September 2002 before another month vacation. (SMIRK)

Turks & Caicos, VP5T.
Jack, N2VW, will be QRV from the QTH of VP5JM for the CQ WW SSB DX Contest for October 22 - 29. Maybe 6 meters before and after the contest.

Maldives, 8Q7ZZ.
A group is planning to operate 80-6m ten days starting i late July. They hope to have some success on 6m with the IC-756PRO and a lightweight beam. The grid locator will be MJ65. Six meter frequencies are 50.105 MHz for CW and 50.145 MHz for SSB.
Check their web site at: . http://www.8q7zz.com/.


Yvan,  F1RAD,  F1SDZ  and F4ACU will be active from next Wednesday Jyly,  17th  to sunday, 21,  in  the AIN  department (01).  The  crew  will operate  from  the  Grid  square JN25VV,  at  about  1500  metres  ASL. Frequencies :  6 and 2 metres.  with  a  FT100,  200w and a diple on 6 and  15  el  yagi  on  2.  The  QSL  information  will  be  given  par  the operators. [ TNX F5NQL ]
OZ  -  Willi,  DJ7RJ  will  be  active  (on  80-6  metres  CW  and  SSB) as  OZ/DJ7RJ  from  Bornholm  Island (EU-030) until 2 August, IOTA Contest
included. [TNX DJ7RJ + 425 DX NEWS]
OZ - Wilf, DJ6TK  will  be  spending  his  holidays  on  Bornholm  Island
(EU-030) until  27 July and  expects to be active on CW and SSB mostly
in his afternoon  or  late  evening   hours.  He  plans  to  operate  on   6
metres from JO75LA and possibly from JO74MX as well. [TNX OZ6OM + 425 DX NEWS]
I  - Look for  Massimo,  IK7/HB9DNX to operate  on 6 metres CW (50.100  +/-  5) and  SSB (50.140 +/- 10)  from  rare  square  JM99 until  7 August. QSL via home call. [TNX HB9DNX and HB9DRM] 
I - Alfredo, IK7JWX  and  other  operators  from  Salento DX Team  will  be  active on HF and 6 metres   from  Guaceto  di  Fuori  (IIA BR-015,  not  IOTA)  on  20  July  and from Guaceto  Minore  (IIA BR-014,  not  IOTA)  on  21 July.    QSL  via  home calls.  [TNX IK7JWX + 425 DX NEWS]
ITALY, I.  Franco,  HB9OAB  will  be  QRV  as  IA5/HB9OAB/P  from Elba
Island, IOTA  EU-028, until  August 1.  Activity  will be on  6 and 2 meters and various satellites. [ TNX ARRL DX NEWS ]
FT/z AMSTERDAM ISLAND -  Caroline (YL) will try to start as soon as she will have good weather to set the antenna. A fishing boat is leaving FR5 area in June  ... expected  to reach  FT.Z  late June. We are waiting for the call sign. According to the new "French" ham radio rules issued last november,  this  call sign could  be THE over all first  FT 1 Z on the air... I'm  sure  you  realise  that  we  have  TWO NEW-ONE opportunities ! 1 /  First YL operator in FT. area... 2 / First FT1Z prfix ...We 'll tell you more as soon as possible...Please monitor any new 50 mhz CW beacon or CQ from MF82 square...Remember !  She  does'nt  use  to  work pile-up and she is novice operator.  So PLEASE, be patient, articulate you call sign, use international phonetics... All comments to [email protected] copy to [email protected] [ TNX TO Dany F5CW and Nob JF2MBF ].
VK_mac  -  Toshi, JA1ELY  reports  that   Peter, VKMQI  ( aka VK0AC  from   ANARE  Davis Base in  1998) is a  member of the  2002 Australian  National  Antarctic  Research Expedition on Macquarie Island (AN-005).  He  will  be  staying  on  the  island  until  December.   Peter   plans  to  operate  on  all  the  amateur  radio    bands,  6 metres included, in his spare  time. Please  be  patient with  him, particularly during the early part of  his  operation, as  Peter "does  not  have  much  experience  in  DXing".  QSL  via  JE1LET  ( for  Japanese  stations  only )  and JA1ELY (others). ( TNX 425 DX NEWS )
JW, SVALBARD.  Tom,  LA4LN,  informs  OPDX  that  he  will  again  be operating  as  JW4LN  from  Spitsbergen  (IOTA EU-26)  and Bear Island (IOTA EU-27),  July 6-21st,  while  on work. The Bear Island operation is planned  to  take place July 9-16th, landing weather permitting! He will be on the  radio  mainly  in  the  evenings  (local time)  and  when time permits.  Check  the  lower  CW  portions,  especially the 40, 30, and 20 meter bands (or other  bands which may be open); and 6 meters (50150 kHz, +/- 15 kHz). Equipment will be an ICOM IC-706 MkII and mainly wire antennas.  PSK-31  and  RTTY  are  possible,  but  not  from Bear Island. While  on  Bear Island a 60 Ah battery and a gasoline generator will be used  for  power.  Please  QSL  direct  to Tom's  home address: Tom V. Segalstad, P.O. Box 15 Kjelsaas, N-0411 OSLO, NORWAY. [ TNX OPDX ]
J7, DOMINICA. George/K5KG and Fred/NA2U plan to be active from July 6-16th, as J75KG and J79MM, respectively.  They  will operate the IARU contest  as  J75KG.  Operation  will  be  on  80  through 10 meters, with concentration  on  CW.  They   will   be   active  on 6 meters if antenna arrangements can be made. QSLs for J75KG will be via KU9C. QSLs for J79MM will be via NA2U.
GM - The  Cambridge  University  Wireless  Society  will  be  active  as  GM6UW  from  various  locations  in  the  Hebrides,   Scotland  in  July.  Plans  are  still dependant on the finalisation of transport links and the
trip  will  be  weather - permitting,  but  operations  should  take  place
as follows:
12-15 July  Shiant Islands    (EU-112)
17-19 July  Treshnish Islands (EU-108)
Activity  should  be  on  all  HF  bands  and 6 metres with an  emphasis
likely  to  be  on  20-10  metres.  Some  CW  operation  is possible,  but
most  activity  will  be  SSB.  QSL  via  M0BLF,  either  direct  or via the
bureau.  A  bureau  QSL  request   form  and logs  will be available  at
http://www.cam.ac.uk/societies/cuws/dxped/2002/hebrides.htm     [TNX
M0BLF + 425 DX NEWS]
3DA0, SWAZILAND.  Frosty,  K5LBU , will once again operate from here between  July  11-18th as 3DA0CF. Andre, ZS6WPX, will be his host and take him  to the  station which  should  have a 3 element tribander plus dipoles for the  low bands. They  hope to put up something for 6 meters during this time. Frosty  plans on bringing a RigBlaster to try some PSK (if he can learn how  it  works),  otherwise  it  will  be  all  SSB. He also plans to be in the IARU  Contest.  Frosty states he will arrive in ZS-land on the July 5th and leave for Houston, Texas, on August 4th. He teachs school,  so  he has to  be back by August  9th. QSL via K5LBU direct  or bureau. SASE or SAE and USD or IRC.
Maldives, 8Q7ZZ We are planning to operate 80-6m (Including WARC) in SSB,  CW  and  various  Data  modes.  There will be 3 stations active at once.  We  will be  using  an  A3S  and  A3WS for the high bands and a Vertical for 80/40m, we will be using a IC-756PRO very kindly loaned to us  by  Icom  and  2  FT-900 kindly lent to us by the CDXC. Ryan K3XC is taking along his Ameritron ALS 600 that we will run on the main station. The band that looks to be most successful is 15m but propagation maps will  be  available  very shortly on this website. We are hoping to have some success on 6m with the  IC-756PRO  and a lightweight beam. Our grid locator will be MJ65. Six meter frequencies are 50.105 MHz for CW and 50.145 MHz  for  SSB. Team members are as follows: Mark/M0DXR, Tony/EA2AIJ, Fabian/DJ1YFK, Ryan/K3XC and Robert/M0TTT. The group plans  to  operate  for 10 days  starting  in  late  July.  Web  site  at: http://www.8q7zz.com/ . ( Tnx to SMIRK )
GREECE, SV - Look for J42WSC to be QRV during the 36th World Scout
Conference from July 15 to 19.  Activity will be on all bands,  including 6  and  2  meters,  using  CW, SSB, RTTY, Packet and  APRS.  QSL  via SV2CLJ. [ TNX ARRL DX NEWS ]
TY   - F5MOO (TY7Z), F5CWU (TY9F), F5AOV (TY4DX) and F1PJB (TY6FB) will  be   active again from Benin between 15 July and 14 August. They plan to  operate  on 160-6  metres and via satellite. Further information will   be  available  at  http://perso.wanadoo.fr/f5cwu/html/benin02.htm [TNX La Gazette du DX + 425 DX]
HK -  DH7WW,   DK8YY,  DL2AKT,  DL2OAP,  DL3ALI,  DL4ALI,  DL4JS, DL4YY,  DL7ZZ,  DL8AKI and  HC2DX will be  active as 5KZ  from  San   Andres  Island  (NA-033)  on  16-29 July,  IOTA Contest included.  The   plan to  operate on  160-10 metres  (with an  emphasis on  the  low  bands)  CW, SSB  and  digital  modes, plus satellite and 6 metres. QSL via DH7WW  either direct  (Ulrich Moeckel,  Muldenstrasse 1,  08304 Schoenheide, Germany)  or through  the DARC  bureau. Logs  will  be   available  at  http://www.ve9dx.com/.  For further information  please e-mail Ralf, DL3JJ at [email protected] [TNX DL7ZZ + 425 DX]
EA9  -  Five  operators   from  URE   Malaga  (EA7RU,   EA7AIN,  EA7VK,  EA7HZ   and EB7HAF)  plan to operate from Alboran  Island (AF-042) on 19-22  July   (dates may  change  as they will  be voyaging on a fishing ship).  The  call is unknown at  the moment, but they plan to be active on 10, 12, 15, 17, 20, 30, 40 and 80 metres (maybe on 160m as well) SSB and  CW with two stations, plus a third   station for 6 and  2 metres and  70 centimetres. QSL via EA7RU. [TNX EA7VK and F5NQL]
Bristol  Contest  Group  to  visit  Curacao  PJ2  again. Five of us will be visiting  Curacao  (FK52)  again  for  two  weeks  from  22nd  July 2002. Although the main aim is IOTA, we hope to be active on 50MHz with a better  station  than  was  possible  last year. Look out for PJ2/G4FKA, G3XSV, G3TKF, G0HFX and M0WLF. Tnx to Geoff, G4FKA.

SA-066.  The Association of Radioamateurs of Venezuela and the Grupo
DX   Caracas    are    organizing   their   annual   IOTA   DXpedition   to 
celebrate   Venezuelan   Navy   Day   2002.   YW1T  will  operate   from
Toas  Island, Zulia State Islands,  on  SSB and  CW from  160-6  meters from July 23-28th. QSL direct and via the bureau to  W4SO,  their  mail drop.   QSLs   will    be   verified   and   mailed    from   Venezuela.   A commemorative plaque will be issued to the DX station that works them on the most bands and modes.

C6 -  K8FL, K8LEE, N9NS,  W8GEX, W8ILC  and  WA8NJR  will   operate (on   40-6 metres SSB, CW  and  PSK31)  as  C6AJR  (QSL  via W8GEX) from  Eleuthera   (NA-001), Bahamas  on 24-31 July, including  an entry  in the  IOTA Contest as C6DX (QSL via N8QET). [TNX The Daily DX]
I - Roberto, IK8PGM will be active (on 40, 20, 17, 15, 12, 10 and 6 metres
SSB) as  ID9/IK8PGM   from Lipari  Island (EU-017,  IIA ME-001)  between
25/26 and 28/29  July,  including  an  entry in the IOTA Contest. QSL  via
IK8PGM   either   direct   (Roberto   Duca,   Viale    Europa   184,    80053
Castellammare  di   Stabia  -  NA,  Italy)  or  through the  bureau.  [TNX
GM  - Jim, MM0BQI  plans  to  be active (on 80-6 metres SSB, CW, RTTY  and  PSK)  as  MM0BQI/P  and GB5SI  from Tanera Mor  in the Summer  Isles     (EU-092)  on  26-29  July  (IOTA  Contest   included).  QSLs    via  MM0BQI   either   direct   or   through   the   bureau.  More  details   at http://www.qsl.net/mm0bqi [ TNX 425 DX ]
JA  - Look  for  Take,  JI3DST/8 to operate  (on 6, 10,  12, 15,  17 and  40
metres  SSB)  from Okushiri  Island  (AS-147)  from 26 July to 5  August,  with activity during the IOTA  Contest. QSL to  JI3DST via the  JARL
bureau. [TNX JI3DST + 425 DX]
EU-091 -  Look for members of the "Salento DX Team" A.R.I. from Lecce
to  be  active  as  II7GR  from the Grande Island (I.I.A. LE002) during the upcoming  IOTA  Contest  (July 27-28th). Activity will  be on HF and on 6 meters   (GRID JN80WG).   QSL   via   I7YKN   (ex-I0YKN).  Some  of  the operators will be active on 6 meters signing as homecall/p [TNX OPDX]


OX  - Look  for Michael, OX3LG to operate  (on HF bands and 6 metres,  SSB  and CW) from Kook Island (NA-220), Greenland between 1 August and  1  October.  QSL  via OZ1ACB  ( Allis   Andersen,  Kagsaavej    34,  DK-2730 Herlev, Denmark). [TNX DL2VFR + 425 DX NEWS]
FP, ST. PIERRE  AND  MIQUELON.   Paul/K9OT  and   Peg/KB9LIE   will operate   from  Miquelon  (NA-032),  August  11-19th,  as  FP/K9OT  and FP/KB9LIE.  Operations  will  be  on 80-6 meters CW and SSB only; 160 will be attempted. This is a low-key vacation trip with 100 watts to wire and vertical  antennas.  Rigs will  be  a  Ten-Tec Jupiter, Yaesu FT-900 CAT, and Alinco DX-70TH.  Special  emphasis  will be on 30, 17, and 12 meters. They will enter in the North American QSO Party SSB Contest, and they will use the Green  River  Valley ARS  club callsign FP/K9WM. QSL via their homecall, except FP/K9WM QSLs go to NN9K. [ TNX OPDX BULLETIN ]
XY  -  DF2IC, DF7KP, DL4KQ, DL5OAB, DL8KBJ, IN3QBR, IN3ZNR, XW0X and YB0US plan to be active on 160-6 metres from Myanmar in August. They will    have three stations  (with amplifiers,  yagis for  30-6 metres  and     horizontal and vertical  antennas for the  low bands) operating  as  XY3C (CW), XY5T (SSB) and XY7V  (digital modes). The activity  will
start in Yangoon on 4-8 August ( limited operation on 40-6  metres),  the group   will  move  to  Ngapal,  near  Thandwe  ( formerly   known   as
Sandoway)  on  the  Arakan  coast  and be  active  between 9  and  22
August. There might be an opportunity for a short operation  from   the Arakan Region IOTA group (AS-???). QSL XY3C via DL4KQ, XY5T via
IN3ZNR,  XY7V  via DL8KBJ, either direct  or through the bureau.  The
web  for  the  DXpedition is: http://www.dx-pedition.de/myanmar2000 [TNX IN3ZNR + 425 DX NEWS]
5V, TOGO  (Also TY possible).  Francois,  VE2XO,  informs OPDX that he will be  active from Lome, Togo, as 5V7XO from August 25-31st. He will be mainly  active  on  RTTY  and also on SSB on 20/17/15/12/10 meters, operating split.  Also, he may  possibly be active on 6 meters. Francois also mentions that  he  may  possibly  be  active  from  Benin (TY) (TBA later). He will be using  1KW (TS-850SAT, IC-706 MKIIG and Acom 1000) into a Sigma-5 vertical, a Sigma-6M and  four-square Sigma-20 vertical array. Thanks to Acom, BUX ComCO, Comtek and Force 12. QSL via his home callsign. [ TNX 425 DX NEWS ]


Flo KL7/G4DMA Will be operational on 6 from 9M6 from Kota from Sept 12th-1 Oct. 100W . (Tnx to KL7/G4DMA + UKSMG )
GRID SQUARE TO BE ACTIVATED.  The  North  Side  Contesters Club is announcing  an  expedition  to  activate  grid square  EN-67  during the period September 21-23rd.  This will be a field day type operation from Brockway Mountain in Keweenaw County, Michigan, with coverage on all HF bands, plus  6 meters,  20 meters and 70 cm. The antennas on HF will be dipoles and inverted V's, and a 5 element beam will be used on 2 and 6 meters, 11 elements on 70cm. The expedition will be using the callsign K8B.  The QSL Manager  will  be  NV8V.  Look for the VHF/UHF operation on the SSB calling frequencies, or 10 kHz up if in use. The HF station  will  operate  about  5  kHz above the IOTA frequencies, plus or minus  QRM.   The  operators  will  be:  NV8V,  N9RK,  W8UFO,  AB8KO, KA8FFM and N9SSN.[ TNX OPDX ]


LU - Mariano, LU4EJ  and possibly others plan  to be active as  LU4EJ/D
from Ariadna Island (SA-021) on 4-6  October.  Operation  is expected to take  place on or around 3680,  7080, 14260,  14200, 21260, 21300, 28460,  28560 and 50110  kHz. QSL  via LU4EJ.  [TNX LU4EJ + 425 DX]
NP2, U.S. VIRGIN ISLANDS. Bruce/W4OV, Julio/WD4JR, John/NP2B and Joe/VE3BW will be operating from St. Croix in the CQWW SSB Contest, October  26-28th  as  NP2B.  They will be arriving on October 22nd, and plan  to  operate  the WARC bands  and especially 6 meters prior to the contest  using  their  own  callsigns  portable  NP2.  They  will have a 4 element quad on 6 meters for pre-contest QSOs. [ TNX OPDX ]
3X - DJ6TF,  DJ7UC,  DK1BT,  DL4WK,  DL7UFR,  DL7BO and DL7DF will  operate  as  3XY7C  from  Guinea  from 30 October (evening local time) through  13 November  (noon local  time). The  group plans  to operate  on  160-6 metres CW,  SSB, RTTY  and PSK31  (they will  also make  an
attempt in SSTV) with four transceivers,  two or three  amplifers  and a wide  range of  antennas. QSL  via DL7DF  either direct  or through the DARC   bureau.  The  pilot  for  the  DXpedition will  be   Bernd, DF3CB ([email protected]). Logs will be available during the     DXpedition at http://www.qsl.net/dl7df/3x [TNX DF3CB + 425 DX]