6 Meter 5 Element Yagi



Gain: 9.5dB Length 208 in
Beamwidth (E-plane) 45 deg Weight 14 lbs
Beamwidth (H-plane) 60 deg Boom 1.375/1.25" OD Alum
SWR at resonance 1.2:1 max Elements 0.5 in Alum
F/B ratio 24dB min Gamma match Teflon in 0.375 in Alum
Frequency range 50 to 51 MHz Hardware Stainless Steel
Feedpoint Impedance 50 ohms Mast diameter up to 2"
Max Power Legal Limit Wind survival 110+mph
Connector UHF or N Wind surface Area 1.9 sq ft



The DEM 50-5, although computer optimized and contest proven, was primarily designed for ruggedness and Economy. An oversized center boom section with a boom-to-mast bracket and stainless steel hardware connect the two piece boom sections together. An oversized gamma match (Teflon insulation) and machined aluminum shorting bar combine together to provide easy tune-up and legal limit power handling. Both UHF and type "N" connectors are provided for your personal preference. The single piece machined aluminum saddle, u-bolt and double support tubing, provide a super strong and easy to assemble element to boom mount. The elements are precut and labeled and after marking the boom, can be assembled and tuned in minutes. Although this is a Economy version yagi, it is still one of the most rugged 6 meter Yagis on the market today. Whether you operate portable, wish to stack 2 smaller yagis instead of using a large single boom yagi, or just have a need for a small compact but rugged Yagi, you will find that the DEM 50-5 will meet your requirements.