Nebraska QSO Party

Sponsored by the Nebraska QSO Party Group.

Join in on a really fun and laid back QSO Party!  This is our 5th year, and we've nearly doubled participation each year!  Nebraskans are not typically contester types so don't be surprised by an occasional rag-chew during the contest.  After all it is a "QSO" Party, right?  We've got some nice certificates and very nice plaques for your shack wall.  This year we've again added bonus points for Nebraska stations who go mobile or portable to entice activity from "rare" Nebraska counties.  We are yet to have entries from all 50 states so just send in your log and win your state.  It's that easy!

DateLast weekend in April.
TimeSaturday 17.00 - Sunday 17.00 UTC.
CategoriesSingle operator

Multi operator, single transmitter



ExchangeRS(T) and state, province, or DX Country.

Nebraska stations send RS(T) & your county.

ScoringStations may be worked once on CW & once on Phone per band.

Each non-duplicate Phone QSO is one point.

Each non-duplicate CW/digital QSO is two points.

Final score calculated by multiplying QSO pts by multipliers.

NE mobiles add 50 QSO pts for each county operated from.

NE portables add 100 QSO pts for operating from other than your resident county.

NE mobiles may be worked again when they change counties for new points/mults.

NE mobiles operating on county lines may be counted as only one QSO.

All contacts must be simplex.

All CW contacts must be in CW sub-band (except 160mtrs). No MCW.

MultipliersFor non-Nebraska stns use number of counties worked (93 max)

Nebraska stns use US states (50) + VE provinces (8) + DX (max 35)

Frequencies160-10 meters (Non-WARC bands), and 6 & 2 meters


CW--1.805 MHz and 60Khz up from band edges (+/- 10 Khz)

Phone--1.865, 3.860, 7.260, 14.260, 21.360, 50.260, 146.46 MHz (+/-20KHz)

Nov/Tech--10 Khz up from lower edge and 28.360 MHz

AwardsFive Plaques - winners in Nebraska, US (Non-NE), DX, & Nov/Tech.

Certificates for winners of each NE County, US State, VE province, & DX Country.

Club CompetitionEntry requires minimum of three entries with club name on logs.
EntriesLogs & signed summary sheets must be postmarked no later than May 31st.

Logs may be submitted on 3-1/2 or 5-1/4 disk in lieu of paper logs. (No 2.88M)

Diskettes must be IBM format.

Logs must be in an ASCII file following ARRL's std file format.

Label each diskette with call sign, entry category & state/county/prov/country.

A signed hard copy summary sheet is required with all entries.

Enclose #10 SASE with entry for final contest results sheet.

InfoSend entries to or request log/rules/summary sheets (SASE pse) from:

Nebraska QSO Party
P.O. Box 375
Elkhorn, NE 68022-0375

Update: 02/04/00