Digital RF Wattmeter with LCD display

This instrument can be used and calibrated from 1 kHz and up to 500 MHz
It is possible to measure power relative all the way up to 900Mhz.
A software routine can calibrate the 0dBm point at 5 different frequencies to make this instrument accurate within 0.5dBm !!
The calibration data is stored in EEPROM so the instrument will remember all, also without power.
I use an LCD display with 20 caracters in 2 lines with LED light.
The digital-powermeter input range is 1nW to 1W. The Wattmeter readout can be set to show correct values, using five standard attenuators. Attenuator settings: none, -10, -20, -30, -40 and -50dB, by this it is now possible to measure from 1nW up to 100 kW.
Serial data can be sent to PC, I use the Datalogger software written by OZ6ADL - Nils for this wattmeter.
The DC voltmeter can measure from 0 to 20 volt only positive, with a resolution of 20mV.

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