In the most of the peoples conception, "radio amateur" is a man with headphones on his ears, surrounded by a lot of gear, full of buttons, dials and pointers, from that hearing a lot of strange sounds. Some curious aerials, around of his home, and the picture is ready. His activity is a mystery for many of these. Nobody doubts about he can hear a lot of radio signals from entire of the world. People with precarious education, mistook him as an electronic mend man.
The radio amateur's domain has appeared in the early of 20th century, after firsts Marconi's achievements. Year after year, the number of this eager by wireless communications is growing up. Many of them are enjoy projecting and building their own communications equipment, to rag chewing with others, or to hunt a signal from another radio amateur placed at the other side of the globe. A lot of people, and maybe you, reader, are wonder, why, in this era, of the telephone, of the GSM, of the e-mail and not at last, of the Internet, they persist in this occupation.
In reality, for this kind of fellows, the communications are their hobby. Various as occupations or professions (engineers, teachers, army or police officers, workers, priests, physicians, lawyers, etc.) they are venture in a world of electronics and of radio waves. These wonderful guys, and their mysterious gear, are spending day after day, creating, modifying, mending, mediating for different others, with own means, which that other fellows failing, are in waiting or, simply, they don't conceive the existence of something that. Nobody say that the specialists are unable to do something like these; they just have on their side the enthusiasm, the passion, the patient, the cleverness. Handling all kind of equipments, transmitters, receivers, using curious aerials, sending strange messages in different modes, in the old Morse code, speaking or using the computers, they are present in air at every hour, day or night. Just in the night of New Year is a little silence in amateur bands but not even then, because everybody wants to say to every other amateur "A Happy New Year!"
The radio amateur that, after a long time, he really understood his tackle passion owns a rich knowledgement and skill enough to grown up as a man dedicated to society. Gathering on different clubs and associations, the hams, are a really alternative of communications in case of disasters. This is a big trump for society. In many countries, they are organized in emergency nets.
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