Transverter 5.7GHz Portable (rev. 5)


Transverter 5760MHz to 144/432MHz using modern parts. This is the last updated version of 5.7GHz transverter. Adjustments are not required due to ceramic band pass filters. Excellent image and LO rejection, all spurious are less than -53dBc/ IF 144MHz/ 1W output. RX 1dB compression point at -36dBm/5760MHz, gain 28dB.

- Low consumption on RX state (0.3A/12V), designed for portable use / backpack.
- Integrated LNA QPL9504, optimized for minimum noise figure.
- RX gain up to 28dB, adjustable by optional attenuator.
- TX output 1W, RFPA5542 power amplifier.
- Splitted RX/TX ports for external SMA coaxial relay.
- Low phase noise PLL using MAX2871 and 125MHz reference, 10MHz OCXO main reference.

Power supply voltage of PLL board is maximum 6V, otherwise SNA586 MMIC will be damaged!

PLL Jumpers Configuration
J1 IF selection: OPEN 144MHz / CLOSE 432MHz
J2 IF +1MHz: OPEN IF / CLOSE IF+1MHz (145MHz or 433MHz)

J3 Test: OPEN Normal use / CLOSE 5760MHz carrier output (J1 & J2 OPEN)
*Restart is required after jumpers modification.

Gerber files and uC firmware are free, only for ham radio use, non commercial!

Schematic of 5.7GHz Transverter Portable v.5
Schematic of MAX2871 PLL Low Phase Noise v.1
Schematic of LM2596 Step-down

PCB 5.7GHz Transverter Portable v.5
v PCB 5.7GHz MAX2871 PLL Low Phase Noise v.1
v PCB LM2596 Step-down

Firmware Attiny84 PLL Controller v.1 (Default Fuse Bits - 1MHz internal)
Firmware Attiny25/45/85 LED "power meter" v2 (Default Fuse Bits - 1MHz internal)

\ Top view 5.7GHz board & PLL board
\ Bottom view 5.7GHz board & PLL board
\ Internal view 5.7GHz board
\ Internal view PLL board
\ TX output spectrum at full power, IF = 144MHz
TX output spectrum at full power, IF = 432MHz
\ QPL9504 LNA - capacitors position for best NF

\ YO3FWL 5.7GHz transverter
\ PA0PLY 5.7GHz transverter