Roger Beep for Voice Keyer BX-184


Voice keyer BX-184 is designed by DH8BQA and can be order via Funkamateur webshop.
For better results during contest I added roger beep function.

By "UP/DN key" located on the microphone, it is possibe to select:
1. Beep Tone 300mSec fixed duration.
2. CW K-Tone. Morse speed adjusted by variable resistor.
3. Disable/Enable the roger beep operation

Tone frequency is adjusted between 700-2000Hz by variable resistor . UP/DN key are no more connected to radio, BX-184 jumpers are disabled.
Atmega328P clocked at 8MHz internal oscillator, firmware developed under Visuino and compiled by Arduino IDE.
Hex files and Visuino files are free for download. By Visuino you can modify timer duration, tone/speed adjustable range, etc.

Firmware v.2 is able to generate only CW K-Tone. Operation can be disabled if "DN key" is pressed one time.
Last state of firmware v.1 or v.2 is not stored inside of EEPROM.

PCB files
BX-184 connection
Roger Beep Board installed

BX-184 Quick assembly guide (link)

Hex Firmware vers.1

Visuino file vers.1
Hex Firmware vers.2

Visuino file vers.2




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