PLL LMX2324 (LMX2322)

Can generate a fixed frequency between 100 - 2200MHz, controlled by PIC16F628.
The project started from the need to build a local oscillator to be used in a tracking generator
This oscillator works at 2055MHz.

Entire device will work with a spectrum analyzer

Parts are recovered from old phone ALCATEL OTE DB
Inside you can find LMX2324(U37SL), BGM1012 (driver PA TX), VCO 1650-2150MHz
Some photos with Alcatel PLL:

1. Alcatel One Touch Easy board

2. LMX2324 (U37SL) version
3. UMA1021 version

U37SL is a Fujitsu PLL. It is compatible with LMX2324. U37SL not working in TEST MODE!!! I don't have a datasheet for this PLL IC.
UMA1021 is not compatible with LMX2324
LMX2324 is compatible with LMX2322 (need pinouts modification). >>VCC supply for LMX2322 is max. 3,9V!!!<<

LMX2324 still works without problems at 2200MHZ :)
RC LPF must be calculated for maximum performance depending on VCO, R and N dividers.


PLL LMX2324 Schematic
PCB LMX2324Code Loader 4 for LMX series + Operating Manual (LPT PC<->LMX)
How use Code Loader to calculate registers R & N (print screen PDF)
PIC software (source)
- THX VASEA, good job
How to modify the source code for various frequencies with MPLAB + HI-TECH C PRO(print screen PDF)
Hex file 2055MHZ LMX2324 + PIC16F628, Reference=13MHz



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