Morse ID Controller (for Repeaters)




More Info: http://banding.us/IderPage.html

 How to change firmware for your callsign:
You will need to substitute your call sign for mine in the block marked ID. Look up the hexadecimal (hex) code of the elements of your call sign. Then enter the hex number into the "retlw" statement. For example, if you wanted to change the value A= 0x06 to W=0x0e, change only the two last digits of the hex code (06 to 0e). The first two characters, 0x, tell the processor you are using hex codes. I have added two WORD SPACEs at the beginning of the ID cycle for extra startup delay. You must have an EOM statement at the end of the ID message. This tells the program to stop the IDer and go back to the wait state.


Original article QST: A PIC of an IDER
Firmware - you should compile with MATLAB









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