Russian ESR/Capacitance Meter "Go" with PIC16F877. Same ESR/Capacitance meter can be found using PIC16F876 (873): Kripton ESR Archive

Measurement range:

ESR 0,001...11ohms
Capacitance: 1...150000uF

Calibration procedure:
Shortcircuit probes, adjust R4 resistor in order to obtain zero indication (0,001-0.01). Do not adjust for absolute "0" indication.
Press S1 "SET" switch during power ON . Calibration menu can be accessed.
Using S1 switch to change between 1 ohms /10ohms /Cx EEPROM values. Press S2/S3 to change the calibration factor. Press again S1 to store the settings.
If is necessary, repeat calibration procedure.
For Cx calibration use a good quality capacitor 100...1000uF and 0.33/10 ohms resistor (1%) for 1/10 ohms ESR scale.

Good accuracy can be obtain.

Schematic diagram PIC16F877
Firmware PIC16F877
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ESR Meter Box

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