Antenna Tower for EME

Antenna Tower for EME



Tower 9m, 2x DK7ZB Yagi(6m boom).
Preamplifier ATF54143 or 4xBF998.
Separate Tx-Rx feeders  RX use RG-11/75
                        TX use CELLFLEX 1/2"
AZ-EL controller remote by computer.
Transverter Javornik 144/14, modified for 28MHz.
Future upgrade to 4 Yagi.

Some pics with my first 144MHz EME installation



Old Relay Box (2009)

BNC coaxial relays (Amphenol)
ATF54143 preamplifier (big box)
4 x BF998 (used 2009-2010)


New Relay Box (2012)

N coaxial relays(1KW)
ATF54143 low nose preamplifier
Video Camera for precise targeting of Moon




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