New attempt EME contact

12.03.2011, poor DGRD -4.5

*Preamplifier improved - ATF54143 (old preamplifier was 2xBF998)
* Band pass filters modified for narrow bandwidth
*Additionally BPF between preamplifier and first stage of the transverter (4xBF998)
*TX Power increse, solid 120W (old power was 40W)



-RX is improved, now i have low noise, clean spectrum
-TX Power too low, 2XGI7B (GU74) is a priority


DK3WG can not decode my signals...too low power


EA5CJ - YU1IO qso
I heard YU1IO with -23dB, EA5CJ send the same report


EA5CJ can not decode my signals... 4 QRZ



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