TNX to Romanian Radio Federation

     VHF/UHF Romanian Sport Master Title :



    Special tnx to my friend DF5NK - Frank (without his patience and his help nothing was possible)

   Remember old times (when I was a saylor)




    Also tnx to my friends :    PA1LA - Roel,

                                             G4DCV - Paul,

                                             G4PBP - Russ  (SK),

                                             G4HJW - Bernie,

                                             G8APZ - Robin

                                             PA3COB - Harry,

                                             DK1FG - Gerhard,

                                             DK2GR - Willy,

                                             DL2JA - Werner,

                                             DL4SB - Bernd


     and many other.



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