Name : Liviu BABI ; son of Anisoara and Ion

    Born : 6th. September. 1961/ Constanta City/ Romania ;

     First University Diploma Graduated : engineer - electronic systems & telecommunication ;

     Married with a beautiful woman, think we still are what you usually call "normal" family

    (of course our two children included) ;



    News from my family :

    My daughter Raluca - Mihaela (born 1989, 1.92 m high) - now student at University Politechnica of Bucharest

    Nuclear Managements Power Engineering Faculty ;

      2005        2008/12                            2010


     Student at Ovidius University from Constanta, Medicine and Pharmacy Faculty,

     specialization : Clinical Pharmacy

              2008/12                                             2009                                                    2010


                                                        2011 Graduation day


      Thanks to my wife and my mother for their support     Time to celebrate the victory          


      The last "homework"



      My wife's pregnant and will have a new member soon !!

     New baby born will be expected to arrive at the end of January 2009.

      Will be for sure a boy smart and cute ... as far I am

          6th months                   7th months                       8th months                  9th months       


      AND :

      21.01.2009, at 20:00 local time, with 3.500 Kg and 52 cm long - was born my son Raul

                    First minute of life                                          First days in hospital


                          First days at home                                                    First steps


                First Christmas tree                                             First cars                                                             


              First guitar & song                                                                First games


                               Santa Claus 2010                                                                  My small fry


       First hard sensations


     4th birthday at home


     at kindergarden


    Winter 2014



    piano play


    last kindergarten day


     first day at school



     Also "Animal Planet" in my family (actually, they are not really good friends)  :

    Sara - the female dog    Negrut - the black cat



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