Friends who meet me :

   1. Visit in Greece/Thessaloniki : SV2JL - Foti


   2. DK1FG - Gerhard & his girlfriend - my guest in Constanta


   3. DL2JA - Werner's visit in Constanta (12.09.2009)


   4. Visit in Arad (Siria/KN06UG) - YO2II/YO2LEA/YO5OED


   5. Visit in Bulgaria/Stara-Zagora : LZ1DX and his son



   6. Visit in UNITED KINGDOM - 10.10.2013

   I was invited to give a speech to RSGB Centenary Convention

   Tnx.. to my sponsor Steve G4BWG - Steve from The Radio Company and to G4DCV - Paul who made this trip possible


   Pictures made at JOTA 2013 - Bisley - Rifle Camp

  YO4FNG with GW8JLY Lyn   

  and G4HTD Laurence             YO4FNG and G4KUX Nick            YO4FNG and K1JT (Joe Taylor)



                        YO4FNG and G7RAU  Dave Edwards                          YO4FNG and G4RRA Paul Pasquet



   7. UT5JCW - Serge and UU0JR - Pavel, my guests in Constanta (01.05.2014)




   Round Radio Table: Romania - Ukraine : YO4FNG, YO4ASV - UT5JCW, UJ0RR at Mamaia Sat Place






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