home made 144/1296 MHz transverter - based on MKU13g2 - DB6NT's kit


  Also special tnx to DF5NK - Frank and YO4PP - Gigi

  23 cm DB6NT's transverter kit have only 1,5 W out 



  For increase the output power I made PA with M57762 - hybrid module/Mitsubishi (PA's design from F1JKY's web page)


  Finally obtained around 20 W output. 

  I use YAESU FT 290R trasceiver for all my DB6NT's transverters


  Antenna: Yagi 15 elements DL6WU/1,5 m boom lenght (home made from heat copper pipe with 15 mm diameter)


  23 cm beacon : 1296.414 MHz/0.5W output, KN44HE locator (made by YO2BUG)


  Omnidirectional antenna for 23 cm



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