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Hi, my name is Liviu and you can see me right here sitting in front of my shack, watch me now >


I was licensed as a SWL in 1980 and then in 1982

I passed my full ham radio exams; at this time I am a First Class amateur operator. Most of all I like HF, I do not like too much VHF or UHF although I have gear for these bands. At this time there are over 270 DXCC countries confirmed and I am anxiously awaiting for the others, some of the cards are on their way.


My second passion is fishing, I use to fish especially in the Danube Delta which is about 400km East from Bucharest. I use to spend time there several times a year

is the place where I had wonderful adventures - it is the newest land in Europe brought by the Danube and it has a tremendous potential regarding wildlife, fishing, hunting...and unique spectacular landscapes. I use to bring my colleagues there with me and share my motorboat with them... course I am the captain of this ship if this is all right with you :-)

I will not tell you more about because you can find imagistic details and further comments by clicking on the "pictures" link, right at the left of the page. Anyway, you can see me on my boat riding across the Danube waters with a noticeable speed.

There are plenty of details about my equipment too, you just have to spend a few minutes on my site. If you want to see my QSL card, you just have to click on the little thumbnail top left of the page.

Details about QSLing and e-mail address are provided as well and there are some interesting links as well. Hope you will enjoy the staying...




born: 5th of May 1961;

father of a wonderful girl born in 2000;

husband of an outstanding XYL;

construction engineer;

managing the energy supply service for the Energy Department of Romtelecom (the national hard line telephone company).


Liviu, YO3DLL