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What is the SCOUTING

It's an educational movement. 40 million members in more than 1 million local community Scout Groups in 162 countries....

One place (I don't know which is the best site) to learn about scouting is World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM).


The Radio Scouting. The radio scouting in Romania

The radio scouting it's a mixture of scouting/guiding and amateur-radio. The most important radio scout event is JOTA (Jamboree On The Air). JOTA was conceived in 1957 by the British radio amateur Les Mitchell G3BHK. It is now considered the largest scout event.

In Romania (country amateur radio call-sign YO) the first radio scout activities started in 1990.

The Scout movement existed in Romania before 1990 and even before World War I (the first record is around 1912).
In 1990, in parallel, two branches of the Scout Association (that was active before 1937) started to restore the Romanian Scout Movement. These two groups were led by Mr. Alexandru Nestorescu Maldiny and Mr. Alexandru Daia. I had the privilege to meet, to get to know both, to get many advices and support from both of them.
More about the Scout Movement in Romania can be find here.
In 1990, I met Alexandru Nestorescu Maldiny and I've discussed with him a detailed list with various radio scout activities and projects to be included in the planning of the new organization. He was very receptive, supportive and enthusiastic about it.
As a result, I've started to collect information, to contact several organizations around Europe (which were having permanent national radio scout programmes), to be active regularly on the weekly European Scout Net on the 20m band (~14290 KHz). From the first contact I got a very warm welcome from Richard PA3BAR - World JOTA coordinator, Yves HB9AOF - HB9S' station manager and many others from many countries. I got also some guidance from the WOSM's office in Geneva.
In 1991 several YO stations and scout groups participated to the 34th JOTA. The Romania's name was mentioned in the WOSM JOTA Report. And after that, every year was a bigger and a better participation to JOTA. All of them were included in the JOTA Reports.
Another significant achievement did happened in 1992, when I've attended the 3rd European Radio Scout Seminar in Denmark, an outstanding occasion to meet many scout radio amateurs from all over Europe, to exchange ideas and to make good friends.
I've acted as a National JOTA Organizer between 1990 and 1994.
One source to download the JOTA Reports is here.


Radio PROJECTS for scouts

Projects designed with the age of builders in mind could be find in the next future on this page too. (under construction)


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