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for the YLRL 2002 Convention

A pdf version of the AGENDA which contains times for all the tours, is now online. I will try to get a Word (doc) and html version but with all the last minute plannings, I can't guarantee I will get it up before the convention.

Friday Tours

The NASA Glenn Research Center tour, which I had planned to lead and show off one of the facilities there where I work, had to be canceled to due a center-wide event. Apologies to all who signed up for this event. I will be getting materials and handouts from NASA to pass out at the convention. >
The Friday tour will consists of your choice of any combination of the following: The Goodtime III Lunch cruise which consists of a lunch and two hour cruise up the river and onto the lake, and a 2-3 hour visit to the site of your choice (all or any of the following ) -Rock and Roll Hall of Fame , Science Museum/OmniMax Theatre , USS Cod and USS Mather.

Saturday Tours

The Saturday OM Tour will start off with a visit of your choice of any or all of the following: Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Science Museum/OmniMax Theatre , USS Cod and USS Mather. The YLs will be attending the YL Business meeting and the YL Luncheon back at the hotel. Lunch for the OMs downtown will at a local restaurant, probably Hornblowers. Then in early afternoon, there will be a Lolly the Trolley 2 hour tour of downtown Cleveland. The committee members have gone on this tour and we are all highly recommending it. Most of us live in or around the Cleveland area and learned alot about our city that even we didn't know.
YLs not planning to attend the YL business meeting can go on both tours. It is hoped that the majority of the YL business meeting will occur in the morning so those YLs wanting to take the Lolly the Trolley tour will be able to do so.

Cleveland Sites

--coming soon--

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