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Raffles/Prizes/Items For Sale

for the YLRL 2002 Convention

This convention, like many others, will have items for sale, shirts, pins, group photo, numerous door prizes and a raffle for a quilt put together by the convention members. Read below for more details.

T-shirts/Polo Shirts

convention shirtsThere will be both t-shirts and polo shirts available for sale prior to the YLRL Convention. The t-shirts are $12.00 and polo shirts are $20. The shirts are navy blue with a picture of the convention logo in white, which reads " YLRL Convention" on top and has a hot air balloon with the words "OHIO 2002" on the balloon and to the right of the balloon basket are the words "Hosted by the Buckeye Belles". Several of the convention committee members are shown on the right wearing the convention t-shirts. Only convention members were able to buy the shirts early, everyone else who ordered them will get them at the convention. The convention committee highly recommends that you order your shirts at the same time you fill out your registration form. There may be extra shirts available during the convention, but that is not guaranteed. We will take orders at the convention for additional shirts but they will only be ordered depending on the number of requests we get.

Convention Pins

Every YL who registers for the convention will get a YLRL 2002 Convention pin. The pin has a picture of the convention logo with the exception that the words "Hosted by the Buckeye Belles" is not included as the print would be too small to see. Since pins are usually items that YLs enjoy getting and many of them request additional ones for YL friends who cannot attend or for their DX-YLs. Therefore, there will be additional pins that can be purchased during the convention for $5. To guarantee you get extras, we recommend you order them when you fill out your registration form but we do plan to have extras at the convention too.

Group Photo

A tradition of YL Conventions is to have a group photo taken. For the YLRL Convention, we usually set up with a photographer who can take our group picture during the convention, then processes the picture and make copies for those who order them so they can take it home with them prior to leaving the Convention. The group photo for the 2002 YLRL Convention will take place at 9:00am SHARP on Saturday, Aug. 3. The exact location will be listed at the convention. The cost for the group picture is $20. Again, the convention committee is recommending that you order your group picture when you fill out your registration form.

Door Prizes

As with most conventions, you will have a chance to win door prizes throughout the convention. These door prizes are donated by various ham organizations, clubs and individual YLs. There will also be a main prize that will be given out during the Banquet on Sunday so be sure to attend it if you can. Judy KC8BOM is the prize chairman. If you, your club or organization wishes to donate a prize for the 2002 YLRL Convention, contact Judy at [email protected]

Quilt Raffle

The Convention committe has been working on a quilt for over a year. The quilt squares was done was various club members and put together by several of the committee members. Raffles have been sold at Hamfests in Ohio and Indiana and additional raffle tickets will be sold at both Dayton and the Convention. I will try to get a picture of the quilt up soon.

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Last updated March 16, 2002