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for the YLRL 2002 Convention

A pdf version of the AGENDA which give times for the forums is now online. I will try to get a Word (doc) and html version but with all the last minute plannings, I can't guarantee I will get it up before the convention.

The Basics of Kit Building

For those coming in on Thursday evening, Aug. 1st, I have some exciting news. This forum will be given by Joe Eisenberg K0NEB! If his name sounds familiar, he is the same person who gave the kit building talk at Dayton in May. We are very happy to have him at the Convention. He will talk about the basics of kit building, including some of the basic tools you will need to get started and discuss some of the kits that are available. In addition, several kits built by Joe and various YLs will be available for all to see. If you have built a kit and would like to have it featured and shown off, be sure to bring it with you.

YLs on DXpedition

The forum will occur on Friday evening, Aug. 2nd. It will include a talk by Ann WA1S about her DXpedition to Kingman Reef, Vicky AE9YL about her YK9A trip and Jan WA2YL about her DXpedition to Niue Island. Following their talk will be a Q & A session for people to ask questions about DXpeditions, how the YLs got to go, what is involved, etc.

Special Event Station

There will be special event station in the hospitality suite starting Thursday, Aug. 1st and running through Sunday, Aug. 4th. We will be using the call, W8WRJ, which is the memorial call for the Chix YL Club. Any licensed YL attending the convention is encouraged to get on the air and make contacts. Do not worry if you are not licensed or do not have HF priviledges, we will make there is a control station there so you can get on the air. Check out the Aug. issue of QST for details or visit the ARRL webpage

VE Exams

There WILL BE VE Exams at the Convention run by an all YL VE team, with the exception that the VE liason will be an OM, who is already a liason for a monthly VE session in the area. It will be on Friday evening, at 6pm. It is highly recommended you let me know if you plan to take an exam. It will be advertised as a pre-registration required/no walk-ins allowed exam but it will be open for the convention attendees. If you are a VE, you MUST bring your VE badge before we will let you participate in the exam. If you plan on taking any exam, you MUST have your original ham license with you, we will arrange for you to get a copy for the exam. If interested, contact me, Nancy KC4IYD at [email protected] .

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