Op. Vilis Siekstinsh

QTH Jakabpils






Vilis Siekstinsh  was born in 13 August of 1940

Till 1961 his call was UQ2KVR and station was closed. In 15 of October 2001 Vilis got the new call YL3GDF.

Now it is one of powerful VHF/SHF Amateur Radio Station in Baltic States.


On 2m - 104 elements, 8ants., weight - 163kg.

On 70cm - 304 elements, 16ants., weight - 142kg.

Total weight of antennas is 310kg. Antennas have vertical elevation 90 from horizontal line.

Tower high - 30 m. from ground, and the station is 105m. up the Sea level.

Total cable length for all antennas and power feeders is 430meters. Coaxial Cables  diameter is 1/2".


QSL Info:

Vilis Siekstinsh  YL3GDF
Strauta 6a
Jekabpils-2 LV-5202


Phone Info:

E-mail to YL3GDF


WEB Master LY3KB