The Gambia

and YL2KL / Girts with company  in

2003 WPX SSB Contest as C5P or gap in history againÖ.


!!! 31.03.2003.

Due problems with one of transceivers in last minute was changed

operation in SSB WPX Contest. Team now have only Icom-775DSP and

spare Icom-706MK. In contest was operated as Multi/Single category, from

s/p place with IC-706 made only abt 200 QSOs. Total 6500 QSOs

with abt 25,5 M points.

After contest main activity in SSB and CW, please wait for RTTY

at end of week and in EA RTTY Contest.




Some problems with electricity in hotel.

Planing to take part as Multi/Two in SSB WPX and Multi/Single in EA RTTY.

Rz4HF and RZ4HTX still in Moscow, problems with Visas. Probably not coming.

QSL cards for C5P call to YL2KL :

Girts Budis,

P.O. Box 19,

Ainazi, LV-4035,


(direct with SASE or Bureau)

All other to homecallís.






The international group of Radio Amateurs will go to The GAMBIA for

2 weeks: from 25th of MARCH until 7th of APRIL 2003 and will use following

call signs:


YL2KL - C53KL / Girts

YL3CW - C53CW / Valerijs

YL1ZF - C53ZF / Kaspars


LY2TA - C56TA / Andrius


RZ4HF - C56HF / Igor

RZ4HTX - C56HTX / Alex


Will be active CW/SSB/RTTY all HF bands, during WPX SSB and EA RTTY will use

C5P call sign (QSL via YL2KL).



160m                       Inv. V.                                                   L-vertical

80 m                       Inv. V.                                                   L-vertical

40 m                       2 el. Vertical array                                GP

20-10 m                   A3S tribander                                       SteppIR 3 el

RX/TX                   IC-775DSP                                            FT-1000D

PA                         ACOM2000A                                      ACOM2000A




Previous trip homepage:


Latvia and Gambia, what is common here?

Yes, it is.

The Gambia National Tourist Office on his webpage

say thatJames Island Fort

Constructed by the Germans in 1651, it was captured by the British 10 years later.

The ruins stand on a tiny island in the centre of the river. Fort James is a colourful

reminder of the centuries of struggle to dominated the shave and other trades of the region.


Yes, it was German by nationality, but only peoples in Latvia know that this German was

 the Duke James of Courland. Today the previous Courland territory is part of Latvia.

Duke James was born 1610 in Kuldiga, Dukedom of Courland. Duke James was clever and

far-seeing governor and buy this island from Gambia head Kumbo in year 1651.

So, it was in that time, today is today.


See You in pile-upís  , 73!


Text by YL2KF/Vilnis



P.S. TNX for pics to N0DY/Jeff.